How to add an image in Grid view to Microsoft list
Jan 1, 2023 7:00 AM

How to add an image in Grid view to Microsoft list

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It is now possible to add an image in Grid view to Microsoft listIn this video , I will show you how it worked in the past and the new feature that is availa...

Grid view is a feature in Microsoft Lists that allows you to display list items in a tabular format. It allows you to view and interact with the data in your list in a more structured and organized way.

In grid view, each row represents a list item, and each column represents a field or property of the list item. You can use the grid view to filter, sort, and group list items based on specific criteria, as well as to add or edit list items directly in the view.

To use grid view in Microsoft Lists, you need to open the list and click the "Grid view" button in the top right corner of the screen. This will switch the view to grid mode, and you can then use the various controls and options available to customize the display of the data.

Overall, grid view is a useful feature for managing and interacting with data in Microsoft Lists, particularly if you have large or complex lists that need to be organized and analyzed in a structured way. It can help you work more efficiently and effectively with your list data.

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