Step-by-Step Guide: Adding a Feedback Form in Power BI App
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Sep 18, 2023 6:00 AM

Step-by-Step Guide: Adding a Feedback Form in Power BI App

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Uncover secrets of adding a feedback form in Power BI App, get expert insights from Power BI for the Excel Analyst book and connect with us!

The video, authored by Wyn Hopkins [MVP], conveys how a Feedback form can be added to one's Power BI App. Hopkins, alongside his team at Access Analytic, works on creating Power BI and Excel solutions for clients based in Australia, as well as offering training globally. Hopkins' work doesn't stop there; he's also the author of a book named "Power BI for the Excel Analyst".

  • Addressed the process to introduce a Feedback form to a Power BI App.
  • Explained the work of Access Analytic on Power BI and Excel solutions.
  • Mentioned the services they provide to Australian clients and beyond.
  • Informed about the author's published book, "Power BI for the Excel Analyst".

Detailed Overview of the Power BI Feedback Forms

The principal subject of the text pertains to the incorporation of a Feedback form into a Power BI App. Power BI is a business analytics tool developed by Microsoft, and adding a feedback form increases its functionality, enabling users to offer their insights and evaluations. Furthermore, the author's profession revolves around creating solutions through Power BI and Excel, catering services predominantly to Australian clients but also delivering training worldwide. An interesting note about the author is his active contribution in the field, which includes writing a book dedicated to Excel Analysts. This blend of technical finesse and literary prowess enhances the observance of Power BI's utilities, making it more favorable for consumers in the analytical domain.

Learn about How to add a Feedback form to your Power BI App


The main topic discussed is about adding a Feedback form to a Power BI App. The context is set within Access Analytic, a company that develops Power BI and Excel solutions for clients in Australia and delivers training globally. The author mentions having written a book entitled "Power BI for the Excel Analyst", and provides links for connecting and getting the book.


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