Syncing Microsoft Planner with Microsoft Loop: A Guide
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Oct 4, 2023 1:00 AM

Syncing Microsoft Planner with Microsoft Loop: A Guide

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Unlock seamless collaboration with synced task lists via Microsoft Loop, Planner, and To-Do!

In his latest YouTube video, Scott Brant enlightens us on the impressive integration between Microsoft Planner and Microsoft Loop. His fascination lies not merely in the existence of a tasks list within Microsoft Loop but, specifically, in its exceptional integration capabilities with Microsoft Planner and Microsoft To-Do. Thanks to this tie-in, you can seamlessly collaborate and centralize your tasks: a new task generated in Loop will materialize in both Planner and To-Do, and vice-versa.

  • Integration of Microsoft Planner and Microsoft Loop.
  • Existence of an integrated task list within Microsoft Loop.
  • Capabilities of seamless collaboration and centralization of tasks.
  • Tasks generated in Loop appear simultaneously in Planner and To-Do and vice-versa.

More about Microsoft Planner and Loop

Microsoft Planner and Microsoft Loop are two robust tools designed to improve productivity. Planner is a task management tool that allows teams to create new plans, organize and assign tasks, share files, chat about their work, and receive updates on progress. On the other hand, Loop is a relatively new entrant to the Microsoft suite that encourages team collaboration. It allows users to work together in an integrated way, hence, improving work efficiency.

With the integration between Planner and Loop, Microsoft offers a comprehensive task management solution. It centralizes and synchronizes tasks between different platforms, further enhancing seamless collaboration among team members. This ensures tasks generated are not stuck in one platform instead is accessible across different Microsoft applications.

Learn about How Microsoft Planner Sync’s with Microsoft Loop!

The YouTube video provides an insightful overview of the integration between Microsoft Planner and Microsoft Loop. The key point discussed is the advanced synchronization between the task lists of these two Microsoft tools. A significant highlight of the video is that the task lists in question are not ordinary; instead, they have a full-fledged integration with Microsoft Planner and Microsoft To-Do.

This set-up allows users to collaborate seamlessly and centralize their task lists. An exceptional feature shown in the video is that when a new task is created in Loop, it simultaneously pops up in Planner and To-Do, and the same occurs in reverse too. This interplay ensures that team collaboration is more streamlined, efficient, and productive, resulting in effective task management.

For those wishing to explore and learn more about this subject, they could do the following:

  • Check out Microsoft's official pages, blogs, and forums. This will offer in-depth info about Planner and Loop's integration and their various features.

  • Start using Microsoft Planner and Loop in a sandbox environment to gain hands-on experience.

  • Enroll in related online courses or training programs. Platforms like LinkedIn Learning, Coursera, and Udemy offer many Microsoft-based courses.

  • Join the Microsoft community and participate in discussions, webinars or seminars for a broader understanding and updates regarding these applications.

This training and exploration will provide a better understanding of Microsoft Planner and Loop's functionalities, ensuring optimal utilization of these business tools and enhancement of productivity.


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