Power BI - How I make the "perfect" CALENDAR TABLES
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Aug 24, 2023 10:30 AM

Power BI - How I make the "perfect" CALENDAR TABLES

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CALENDAR Tables are a must if you want to analyze business data in Power BI.

The text outlines how to create a perfect calendar table for analyzing business data in Power BI. A video tutorial used a "Blank Query" to generate the table and includes columns for year, month, weekday, and others. Features were added such as a weekend column and a "start of the month" calculated column. A custom Power Query formula was used in the year-month column. The type of the month was specified as either "this month", "previous month", "next month", etc. After creating, the model is then loaded into Power BI.

  • Why you need a calendar table in Power BI?
  • Use of a "Blank Query" to make calendar table
  • Adding useful date columns (year, month, weekday etc.)
  • Is weekend column
  • "Start of the month" calculated column
  • Year month column with Custom Power Query formula
  • Type of the month
  • Loading the calendar table to Power BI

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Deeper Analysis of Power BI Calendar Tables

The Power BI Calendar Tables are an important tool in visualizing business data. It allows for detailed and specific analysis of data according to dates, months, or years. Various tools like the 'Blank Query' and 'Custom Power Query' formulae simplify the process of table creation. Aspects such as distinguishing between weekdays and weekends are made possible, offering more precise and accurate data. The tutorial series is a helpful guide for beginners to professionals wanting to understand and utilize the Power BI dashboard effectively.

Learn about How I make the "perfect" CALENDAR TABLES  in Power BI

Learning how to create a perfect calendar table in Power BI can be a great way to analyze business data. It is important to understand why a calendar table is needed, as well as the steps involved in creating one. This includes using a blank query to create the calendar table, adding useful date columns such as year, month, and weekday, and adding a "start of the month" calculated column. Additionally, creating a type of the month column and a year month column with a custom Power Query formula will be necessary. Finally, it is important to learn how to load the calendar table to Power BI. Understanding all of these steps can help you create the perfect calendar table for your data analysis needs.


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