Implementing Horizontal Scroll in PowerApps Vertical Gallery: A Guide
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Sep 11, 2023 9:00 AM

Implementing Horizontal Scroll in PowerApps Vertical Gallery: A Guide

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Unlock PowerApps potential with horizontal scrolling in vertical gallery, only by Dhruvin

To implement a horizontal scroll in PowerApps Vertical Gallery, we will first need to add a scrollbar in the Power Apps Gallery, which is crucial when using Vertical Gallery to display data. The Vertical Gallery supports a limited number of columns by default. To add more columns, a horizontal scroll is needed.

  • Begin by adding a Horizontal Container
  • Add Label Control in the Gallery
  • Set Container Width as Gallery’s Width
  • Set Horizontal Overflow as Scroll
  • Add Headers in Gallery

A Gallery control can display multiple records from a data source, each having multiple types of data. The first item inside the gallery is the template and any changes made to the template will be reflected throughout the Gallery control.

However, a user must consider several limitations. For instance, Display form, Edit form, PDF viewer, Power BI tile, Rich text editor, Scrollable screen (Fluid grid), and Web barcode scanner are not supported within a gallery.

The gallery has key properties like Default (selects the item or record from the data source when the app starts up) and Selected (the selected item). It also has accessible properties such as AllItems, AllItemsCount, BorderColor, BorderStyle, BorderThickness, DelayItemLoading and DisplayMode, among others.

Finally, some accessibility guidelines must be met. For instance, there must be adequate color contrast between BorderColor and the color outside the gallery; Fill and the color outside the gallery. Screen readers will announce when items in the gallery change with mention of the AccessibleLabel. And, keyboard support must be considered with ShowScrollbar set to true.



Additional Insights on PowerApps Vertical Gallery

Using PowerApps Vertical Gallery offers an intuitive way to display multiple types of data. By implementing horizontal scroll, you increase the flexibility of your data presentation. For effective utilization, users should be familiar with the key properties, follow the limitations and adhere to the given accessibility guidelines.

Learn about Implementing Horizontal Scroll in PowerApps Vertical Gallery: A Guide

The main topic revolves around adding a horizontal scroll feature in PowerApps Vertical Gallery. PowerApps Gallery allows us to showcase our data, supporting a default fixed number of columns. However, there may be instances where more columns are required, necessitating a horizontal scroll in a vertical gallery. A Gallery control can display multiple records from a data source, and each record can accommodate multiple data types. The video guide details the process of implementing this feature. However, it's important to be aware of the limitations such as unsupported controls within a gallery and the potential for controls in the gallery to drift from their expected X or Y values if you don't account for the template size.


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