Hitting bullseye: Target visualization strategies for different audiences and needs
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Jun 7, 2023 2:52 PM

Hitting bullseye: Target visualization strategies for different audiences and needs

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Setting targets helps us measure progress and stay motivated towards a goal, whether it's personal or business-related. Positive results motivate us while falli

This article provides a comprehensive guide on how to visualize whether a target is met or missed in Power BI, highlighting the importance of understanding the aim of your visualization and the actions resulting from it. Before designing, you should consider factors like the relevant timeframe, comparison data, level of detail needed, and the volume of available data.
Visualizing daily targets can be achieved with Power BI's matrix visual in combination with conditional formatting, which can help identify patterns and track missed or met targets. For example, you can color columns to indicate when a target was hit or missed.
Monthly targets can be visualized using a line and clustered column chart or a matrix visual, with conditional formatting applied to the bars to change color when a target is met. The line chart can be used to show the target as a dashed line and the results as a solid line, with conditional formatting applied to the data labels.
Visualizing a monthly flexible target can be done using a line and clustered column chart, a line chart, or an area chart, with the line chart providing more room for data labels. The area chart can provide a visual hint through the shade showing the distance to the goal.
AppStore visuals, although requiring a license, provide more advanced visualization options. Examples mentioned include the dumbbell column chart and lipstick chart from Nova Silva, which allow for more complex comparisons and the use of conditional formatting.



Understanding Target Visualization Strategies in Power BI

In just 10 lines, target visualization strategies in Power BI involve understanding your audience and their needs. Various visualization techniques can be employed to effectively communicate progress and goals. Factors such as audience preferences, data complexity, and intended actions affect the choice of visualization. It is crucial to select visualization tools that cater to diverse user groups, including management, analysts, and other stakeholders. Experimenting with different visual elements and exploring their impact is a valuable exercise that can help in perfecting target visualization strategies. Collaborating with your audience and seeking feedback can lead to better designs and a more profound understanding of visualization techniques.

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Setting targets can be a powerful way to measure progress and stay motivated towards a goal. Visualizing targets in Power BI can be challenging since the best approach depends on the audience and the intended use of the results. It is important to consider the intent of the viewers when creating a target visualization in Power BI. This can include understanding their goals and preferences, as well as what actions they want to take with the results. Additionally, it is important to consider the visuals and format that best communicates the message and helps the viewer quickly and easily interpret the data. By carefully considering the needs and preferences of the intended audience, it is possible to create a target visualization in Power BI that effectively communicates the desired message.


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