Using Power Automate to Hide SharePoint List from Site Contents
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Jan 21, 2023 8:30 PM

Using Power Automate to Hide SharePoint List from Site Contents

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Unlock the power of hiding SharePoint lists from site contents using Microsofts Power Automate - A Microsoft experts guide!

Sometimes when building any solution based on SharePoint we need to hide a list from the site contents, for several reasons. The list can be creted to be used only by an automated solution and not to be updated or accessed by users. Even if we restrict permissions to read-only in the list, this can cause some confusion in users.

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Oct 2, 2022 — Go to the List or Library settings page >> Click on the Permissions for this list link. · Click on the 'Stop Inheriting Permissions' button.

Jan 12, 2020 — If you intend to have the list back to Visible, you just need to make the value of hidden false. NOTE: If you have any PowerAutomated app, these ...

Jun 12, 2018 — Open the site that where list or library resides in SharePoint Designer · Under Lists and Libraries – Select the list or library you wish to hide ...

Once you hide your lists, it won't be available in Microsoft Lists, Site Contents of the given SharePoint site, dropdowns in Power Automate. You can unhide your ...

If you need to hide the SharePoint list from the UI this simple PowerShell script will hide a specific list from the site contents.

A Guide to Concealing SharePoint Lists using Automation Tools

In building SharePoint-based solutions, it is often a requirement to hide a particular list from site content. This could be because the list is only intended for use by an automated solution and not for direct user activity. Even with read-only permissions, listing these can lead to user confusion.

Traditionally, hiding a SharePoint list from site contents could be achieved using the SharePoint Designer. Methods such as PowerShell or SharePoint APIs were also used to accomplish this task.

However, it is not always viable to install or use PowerShell or SharePoint Designer on our systems. Furthermore, SharePoint Designer's impending discontinuation makes it necessary to explore alternative methods.

So, what can be used in place of PowerShell or SharePoint Designer? The Power Automate Flow and the Send an HTTP Request to SharePoint action serve as potent alternatives to the previously mentioned tools.

To hide a list from the site content, you merely need to send a request to SharePoint REST API with specified parameters. This can be achieved with automated process flows.

A full working flow is available for those who wish to manually trigger it. This gives the user the ability to hide a SharePoint list. The parameters for this flow are: List title, site URL, and a toggle to hide or unhide the list.

This flow also sends you a link to the list via email when it is successfully executed. It is important to note that the list will be hidden once the flow completes its run.

Understanding Automation Software in General

Pioneered by Microsoft, Power Automate (also known as Microsoft Flow) is a cloud-based software tool that allows users to create and automate workflows across multiple applications and services without the need for developer help. It provides a wide array of powerful features and options, simplifying business needs like data synchronization, automated approvals, and IFTTT (If This Then That) capabilities.

Whether it is for simple personal tasks or complex business workflows, Power Automate offers seamless and efficient task automation. It interacts with other Microsoft Services such as SharePoint, making it integral for users to grasp the ability to operate it effectively.

Power Automate allows users to automate repetitive tasks, freeing up valuable time for more strategic mission-critical endeavours. Not just limited to Microsoft services, Power Automate can connect to various other non-Microsoft services, making it a versatile tool in the realm of process automation.

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Power Automate - Using Power Automate to Hide SharePoint List from Site Contents

Learn about Hiding a SharePoint list from the site contents using Power Automate

If you're seeking to broaden your knowledge on how to conceal a SharePoint list with Power Automate from the site contents, you're in the right place. The text we will be examining provides unique insight into some of Microsoft 365's features, specifically focusing on SharePoint Online and Power Automate. The areas covered in our discussion include configuring and automating solutions for SharePoint pages. It is paramount to decode the given information in order to exploit these tools fully.

When part of a solution based on SharePoint, we sometimes need to conceal a list from the site contents. This could be due to different factors like maintaining a limited access list only updated through an automated solution. Even if the access is limited to read-only, it might cause user confusion.

While tools like the SharePoint Designer, PowerShell, or SharePoint APIs offer solutions like marking lists as hidden, they aren't always ideal. Factors that might prevent their usage include restrictions to install them or their scheduled discontinuations like the SharePoint Designer. So, what options do we have in such scenarios?

Well, this is where Power Automate comes in. It provides an automated flow and the potent 'Send an HTTP Request to SharePoint' action. To hide a list from the site contents, all you need to do is call the SharePoint REST API using specified parameters like SiteUrl, Method, Uri, and Header.

Let's delve more into this. You would need to use the following parameters:

  • SiteUrl: your site URL
  • Method: POST
  • Uri: _api/web/Lists/getbytitle(‘Your list title’)
  • Headers:
    • X-HTTP-Method: Merge
    • If-Match: *
  • Body: { ‘Hidden’: true}

You can find a fully functioning flow in the provided link and import it. However, you need to manually trigger it to hide a SharePoint list. The parameters required include the Site Url, list title, and if hidden or not (Toggle on hides a list/Toggle off makes a hidden list visible again).

An example provided in the text, 'Issue tracker', portrays the effectiveness of this automation tool. This list, once hidden after the flow execution, sends you an e-mail confirming the process. This ensures you're always informed on SharePoint's state.

In essence, understanding this automation process is vital in enhancing the streamlined operations and managing your SharePoint contents. Make the most out of your tools and welcome to streamlined operations.

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