Greg Zelfond & Ami Diamond Talking about SharePoint
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Jun 17, 2023 6:21 AM

Greg Zelfond & Ami Diamond Talking about SharePoint

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In my first Podcast episode I have the honor to have as a guest Greg Zelfond – SharePoint Maven.

In this podcast episode, the guest Greg Zelfond, also known as SharePoint Maven, discusses various topics with Ami Diamond. They talk about:

  • How Greg's blog and YouTube channel started
  • How Greg comes up with topics for videos, blog posts, and podcasts
  • New features that Greg is looking forward to in SharePoint
  • A topic that the two hosts have in common
  • Both Greg and Ami's journey to becoming Microsoft MVPs
  • Metadata or Folders?

My Name is Ami Diamond and I work as SharePoint online and Microsoft 365 Consultant. In this channel i show tips and tricks and new features in SharePoint online and Microsoft Teams .
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For those interested in following Greg Zelfond, you can find him on his site,, and on his YouTube channel, SharePoint Maven.


More about SharePoint Maven

Greg Zelfond is known as SharePoint Maven within the Microsoft community. Through his blog, YouTube channel, and podcast, he is dedicated to educating and sharing knowledge about SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft 365, and Office 365. Greg's passion for teaching and his practical approach to solving complex business problems has made him a valuable resource for many. With a strong focus on SharePoint best practices and practical solutions, Greg Zelfond helps businesses of various sizes enhance productivity and efficiency using Microsoft technologies.

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SharePoint is a powerful platform used by many organizations to manage their documents and information. In this podcast episode, Greg Zelfond and Ami Diamond discuss the history of SharePoint, how Greg came up with topics for his blog and YouTube channel, what new features he is looking forward to in SharePoint, and the journey to becoming a Microsoft MVP. They also talk about the advantages of using metadata over folders in SharePoint. There are several ways to keep up with Greg and his work including his website,, and his YouTube channel, SharePoint Maven. Microsoft Teams, Microsoft 365, and Office 365 are also discussed in this podcast.


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