Governance in Microsoft Fabric: Understanding the Roles and Domains
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Microsoft Fabric
Jun 16, 2023 8:00 PM

Governance in Microsoft Fabric: Understanding the Roles and Domains

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Microsoft Fabric is out there for a few weeks now. With the release of Fabric, a new concept in line with data-mesh architectures became available in Fabric, or

Learn about Governance in Microsoft Fabric: Understanding the Roles and Domains

Microsoft Fabric is a new SaaS service that bundles and enhances existing data workloads in the Microsoft data ecosystem. It introduces a new concept of data-mesh architectures with Domains, a new level of controls that can be added to existing roles. Understanding the roles and domains of governance in Microsoft Fabric is important to know the different levels of control that are available. Learning about governance in Microsoft Fabric involves watching YouTube videos, reading blogs, documentation, and more.

One video to watch is Adam Saxton's overview of what Microsoft Fabric is. Additionally, understanding the roles and access control of Microsoft Fabric is important. This includes the three roles of Administrators, Owners, and Contributors. Administrators have access to everything, Owners can manage resources and access, and Contributors can access resources. Domains are another level of control, with the ability to control the scope of resources each user or role can access.

In addition to the roles and access control of Microsoft Fabric, learning about the different types of data workloads is important. Microsoft Fabric supports a range of workloads, including analytics, data warehousing, AI/ML, and machine learning. Understanding how each type of workload is managed and accessed is important for understanding the governance of Microsoft Fabric.

Finally, understanding the different types of data sources supported by Microsoft Fabric is important. Data sources can be internal, such as on-premises, or external, such as cloud services. Knowing the different types of data sources is important for understanding the governance of Microsoft Fabric.

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