Goodbye Passwords! Hello Passkeys
Oct 10, 2023 5:30 PM

Goodbye Passwords! Hello Passkeys

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Microsoft Expert dives into latest identity technology, revealing how passwordless login with encrypted passkey and biometrics increases security.

In the YouTube video, hosted by renowned technology expert Andy Malone; the focus is on the shift from traditional passwords to the more secure passkeys. The main idea revolves around the evolution of internet security protocols, delving into the key issues with passwords. Notably, he highlights how hackers have been able to exploit weak passwords, leading to the development of passkeys as a solution. To combat this, Yubico initiated the creation of FIDO keys (hardware devices), offering a robust phishing-resistant solution.

Passkeys have indeed altered the security paradigm significantly. Unlike passwords, these are stored on devices in an encrypted format, not on company servers. Hence, in the unfortunate event of data breaches, passkeys remain safe from hacking. This technological advancement makes for a more secure digital world. Here is a short review of [How Security is Enhanced using Passkeys.] You can use this soon Passkeys for Microsoft 365 and Entra ID.

The problem with passwords starts from their inception. Despite being an integral part of our digital lives, the complexity and the need to remember them make them less secure due to reuse and the use of simple, easily-hackable passwords. Passkeys present a far superior alternative, as they are based on advanced cryptography and are not susceptible to theft or bypassing.

Getting into the details, passkeys provide a new type of login credential that eliminates the need for password input. They use the WebAuthentication standard and use public-key cryptography for better security. They cannot be easily stolen and offer a private and public key combination, with the private key being stored on the user’s device.

Major tech giants like Microsoft, Google, and Apple have collaborated to develop passkeys using FIDO Alliance and W3C standards. The widespread compatibility of passkeys with many of the best phones and computers makes them a viable choice for ensuring digital security. Tech users can now link the passkeys directly with their smartphone or laptop using a quick and secure login process. Notably, upgrading to a new smartphone doesn't cause issues; the passkeys can be easily transferred to a new device, ensuring continuous security.

The new Way Passkey for Microsoft 365

Internet security is vital in the digital age. The evolution from passwords to passkeys represents a significant step forward in improving digital safety. Although this transition might take time, the support and endorsement of notable tech companies like Microsoft, Google, and Apple hint at the potential for passwords to become obsolete in a few years.

Adopting passkeys for online accounts is a simple yet crucial move for making them more secure and staying a step ahead of malicious entities. As digital spaces continue to expand and more of our lives take place online, it's vital that users adopt these advanced security measures to safeguard their information. It hoped that passkeys will surpass passwords, providing a strong and secure method of authentication and adding a robust layer of security to our digital lives.

Security, once an afterthought, is now forming the basis of technology development. In a future where the internet is expected to have an even larger role, security becomes paramount. Passkeys symbolize this future, providing a level of safety that is not only necessary but also practical and user-friendly. All these factors point to passwords' eventual eclipse, and the dawn of a safer digital age with the widespread adoption of passkeys.


Security - Say Goodbye to Passwords: Introduction to Passkeys

What else can I done with Passkeys


Learning about the emerging technology of passkeys and their applications, to replace traditional passwords, can be both exciting and thrilling. This topic covers in-depth information about passkeys, their benefits, how they work, devices compatible with them, and their future implications.

There are several training courses that one can consider to have a good grasp of the subject. Courses related to cybersecurity and cryptography such as 'Introduction to Cryptography' and 'Ethical Hacking' would be beneficial. Because passkeys involve a significant amount of knowledge in encryption and verification methods, these areas would be the primary focus.

One of the key concepts presented is the shift from human-readable passwords to encrypted digital passkeys which are much harder to breach. They are based on a possession-based authentication method leveraging advanced cryptography. As they do not rely on human-readable shared secrets, they are not susceptible to attack and are challenging to bypass.

This paradigm shift in online authentication methods is built into virtually every modern computing device today and is endorsed by industry giants such as Microsoft, Google, and other tech companies.

Passkeys work using a private and public key pair. The public key resides on the company’s servers, while the private key stays on your device and cannot be easily stolen. This positions passkeys as a superior method that provides an intrinsic layer of protection, making them unphishable.

Believe it or not, creation and utilization of passkeys is a straightforward process. Websites supporting passkeys allow you to secure your account with a passkey instead of a password. This passkey is stored on your mobile or computer, and used for a quick and secure login. A significant aspect is that this process might even be faster than typing a traditional password.

What's more, passkeys can easily be transferred over to a new device, ensuring your protection does not cease even when you upgrade to a newer device.

Several popular platforms currently support passkeys including eBay, PayPal, Best Buy, and Nvidia with more expected to join the fray as passkeys become mainstream.

The end objective is to have passkeys replace passwords completely. Though this transition might take some time, experts believe that most consumer internet services will have passkey options in the next 3-5 years, reducing our reliance on passwords considerably.

Overall, the knowledge about passkeys and their applications is a step forward in understanding the rapidly advancing field of cybersecurity. If you're interested, now might be a perfect time to dive in and stay ahead in the game.

Remember, the world of technology and protection is fast evolving. You should always take advantage of it. Stay updated, stay safe!



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