Viva Connections - Personalized Company Dashboard
Viva Connections
Oct 5, 2023 3:00 AM

Viva Connections - Personalized Company Dashboard

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Maximize efficiency with personalized company dashboards on Viva Connections. Understand the process with this comprehensive guide.

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The Viva Connections platform assists in creating a personalized company dashboard. Selecting cards according to your company's needs will optimize your user experience. These dashboards are specifically designed to cater to distinct roles, markets, and job functions by integrating a range of apps, services, and links.

Viva Connections provides easy access to relevant information and job-related tasks. The dashboard consists of cards that engage viewers with existing Microsoft Teams apps, Viva apps and services, third-party apps, custom components using the SharePoint Framework (SPFx), and both internal and external links.

Viva Connections allows customization from Microsoft Teams. You'll need member or owner level permissions to begin modification. Dashboard preferences can be chosen based on the intended audience. Being cautious about the number of cards included in the dashboard can ensure the best viewing experience for users.

User interaction with the dashboard can be customized on Viva Connections mobile by reordering, hiding, and showing cards. However, these changes will only apply to the mobile user experience and will not affect their desktop or tablet experience.

  • Creating a Viva Connections dashboard is straightforward. It involves editing the dashboard, adding cards, and then tailoring the properties of each card, such as the label, icon, image, and audience targeting settings. These modifications can be previewed across all devices to ensure usability before publishing or republishing.

  • Furthermore, you can customize the dashboard from the SharePoint home site or in Microsoft Teams, provided you have edit permissions for the SharePoint home site. Image optimization can greatly enhance the appeal of your cards. For improved performance in fetching images, enabling a Content Delivery Network (CDN) is recommended.

  • From the SharePoint home site, you can manage your Viva Connections. You can add a card or select the type of card you want to add from the dashboard card toolbox. Each type of card can then be set up according to the instructions provided.

  • The Approvals card, for instance, provides a smooth way to streamline all requests and processes with your team or partners. It tracks new approvals, those sent your way, and all previous approvals in a single location. Likewise, the Assigned tasks card saves information for users about their assigned tasks, retrieved from the Tasks app in Teams.

The dashboard even provides the opportunity to generate your own card using the adaptive cards framework through the Card designer option. This requires some familiarity with JSON and Adaptive Card templates. A Teams app card, on the other hand, can create a card for an existing Teams app. The Teams app you want to use can be searched and selected from the list.

Viva Connections can be extended and customized using cards, which are based on adaptive cards and SharePoint Framework (SPFx). They display data, complete tasks, and create connections to Teams Apps, Websites, and mobile apps on Viva Connections. They provide an easy solution to bring your line-of-business apps into the dashboard.

Choosing the right cards according to the needs of your organization greatly enhances the overall performance of the dashboard. Cards like Approvals, Assigned tasks, Shifts, Viva Learning, Viva Topics, and Web link can be utilized for their specific functionalities. Allowing audience targeting to these cards ensures content is accessible to intended user groups.

The dashboard can be fine-tuned for different viewing experiences by applying audience targeting for different cards. Such customization enables viewing of the most significant content by specific groups. Also, previewing the dashboard's appearance for each audience on both desktop and mobile devices can greatly help in evaluating the user experience.

Finally, you can apply audience targeting to single or multiple audiences. If successfully applied, a people icon will be displayed on the lower left corner of the card. Note that when a card is audience targeted, it will only show to audiences who match that targeting.



The dashboard can be modified and displayed using the Dashboard web part on your Connections site. It will automatically populate with the cards from the existing dashboard on your site. You can also set the maximum number of cards you want to display.

For some cards, you may have to use URLs. The Single Sign-on (SSO) behavior along with URLs differs with the location of the content. If SSO is not supported, users will have to reenter their login credentials. Understanding how URLs and SSO function is vital for effective dashboard operation.

Overall, Viva Connections provides a comprehensive way to personalize your company's dashboard, enhancing user experience and streamlining operations. A structured approach to dashboard customization, combined with an understanding of audience targeting, ensures a smooth, user-friendly dashboard experience.

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This combination of resources should give you a clear and well-rounded understanding of Viva Connections dashboard creation and customization.

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