OneDrive Setup Guide: How to Sign In or Create a New Account
Sep 30, 2023 1:00 PM

OneDrive Setup Guide: How to Sign In or Create a New Account

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Unlock the power of Microsoft with expert OneDrive and SharePoint guides - your pathway to intelligent, mobile intranets.

This YouTube video from Microsoft Corporation provides a detailed guide on getting started with OneDrive. The tutorial aims to demonstrate how to either sign in or create a new OneDrive account. It meticulously takes viewers through the entire process, with clear step-by-step instructions for both options. The video also offers supplementary resources and encourages viewers to explore SharePoint - the intelligent intranet that enhances OneDrive and Microsoft 365's functionality.

Additionally, the information provided touches on SharePoint adoption, giving a brief overview to the viewers. Administrators can especially find this feature helpful as the video introduces them to SharePoint and OneDrive operations in Microsoft 365. However, it's not only about the administrators, the video also discusses aspects of the Microsoft 365 & Power Platform community, promoting its unified sample gallery and the Youtube location for the community.

  • Getting started with OneDrive
  • Instructions on signing in and creating an account
  • Introduction to SharePoint adoption
  • Guide to SharePoint and OneDrive in Microsoft 365 for administrators
  • Information about Microsoft 365 & Power Platform community

More on OneDrive

OneDrive, a product by Microsoft, is a cloud-based storage service that provides users with a simple way to store, sync, and share all types of files with other people and devices on the internet. It functions seamlessly with Windows 10, Android, iOS, and Xbox, ensuring a comprehensive all-around usage.

OneDrive's standout feature is its deep integration with Microsoft Office apps. This functionality allows users to swiftly move between editing documents in Office apps to storing them on OneDrive. From businesses to individual users, OneDrive's capacity to facilitate access to files anywhere and anytime renders it an excellent choice for file hosting and synchronization.

Learn about Getting Started with OneDrive - Sign in or create an account

The video elucidates the initial steps required to use OneDrive, Microsoft's cloud storage solution. It provides a comprehensive procedure for either signing in with an existing Microsoft account or setting up a new one. For those seeking a visual aid, this video is posted on To enhance understanding, there is a reference to SHAREPOINT, Microsoft's mobile, intelligent intranet.

For a deeper exploration of this topic, the video further offers external resources. The SharePoint platform information is available on the official Microsoft website. A separate link offers insights into SharePoint adoption strategies. An introductory guide to SharePoint and OneDrive for administrators is also provided in the Learn section of the Microsoft website.

Beyond OneDrive and SharePoint, the Microsoft 365 & Power Platform community also offers a conducive learning environment with a multitude of resources. There is a Unified Sample gallery, a collection of community videos on YouTube, and a general community homepage. These platforms can facilitate the learning process and provide an interactive, engaging experience.

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