Getting Loopy in Microsoft Teams!
Jul 29, 2023 8:00 PM

Getting Loopy in Microsoft Teams!

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In this video I introduce you to Microsoft Loop. We explore what Loop is and its core components, how to enable Loop on your Microsoft 365 tenant

Getting Loopy in Microsoft Teams! This article introduces Microsoft Loop, explaining core components and how to enable it on your Microsoft 365 tenant. Further, it describes how to use Loop components within Microsoft Teams chats and meeting chats. Loop represents a modern, collaborative tool, designed to offer enhanced collaborative capabilities.

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Furthering Collaboration with Microsoft Loop

Microsoft Loop is an innovative tool that allows users to collaborate more effectively within the Microsoft 365 environment. Its integration with Microsoft Teams means you can deploy Loop functionality directly within Teams chats and meetings, empowering individuals and teams to explore, plan and create in a more synchronized manner. Empower collaboration with Microsoft Loop.

Learn about Getting Loopy in Microsoft Teams!

Microsoft Loop is a modern way to collaborate. It can be enabled on a Microsoft 365 tenant, and used within Microsoft Teams chats and meeting chats. It is comprised of core components including thinking, planning, and creating together. To get started with Microsoft Loop, visit the Microsoft website for more information. Additionally, there are resources available to enable the Microsoft Loop app and an overview of the components in the Microsoft 365 ecosystem. With Microsoft Loop, collaboration can be taken to a whole new level.

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