Power BI: Extract SharePoint Site Views & Last Modified Dates
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Oct 4, 2023 9:00 PM

Power BI: Extract SharePoint Site Views & Last Modified Dates

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Unlock SharePoints full potential with Power BI for detailed site views, updated data, and comprehensive OData feeds.

In her latest YouTube video, author Christine Payton provides viewers with valuable insights on utilizing Power BI to extract tenant-level SharePoint site views, last modified dates, and much more from the available OData feeds. This method offers crucial reporting especially on SharePoint subsites, which has always been challenging to access.

Through her step-by-step instruction, Payton demonstrates how to utilize Power BI to retrieve a comprehensive list of SharePoint sites alongside their recent/lifetime views, and the respective last activity dates. She further introduces Power Query site query, an integral component in the video, ideally used to extract this data.

The video also acknowledges the contribution of Jordan Murphy, who suggested the topic for the video. Murphy is recognized for his exceptional skills in creating queries for all things related to the subject at hand. Unfortunately, Murphy's online profiles and any external link to social media have been omitted as per the provided instructions.

  • 0:00 Introduction to the concept
  • 2:39 Detailed overview of the API's contents
  • 7:00 Instructions on how to create your queries
  • 17:00 Instructions on how to visualize the extracted data.

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The Power of Power BI and SharePoint Integration

Power BI has proven itself as an incredibly strong tool for data analysis and visualization, particularly when linked with SharePoint data. Its ability to provide comprehensive reporting on SharePoint sites is extremely valuable to businesses, helping them monitor engagement levels, track last activity dates, and understand their sites' trajectories effectively.

Moreover, it delivers these capabilities side by side with ease of use. Through a straightforward query in the Power BI SharePoint API, anyone armed with the right knowledge can compile valuable insights from their SharePoint site's data. Spotting trends, adjusting content, and making data-driven decisions becomes easier with Power BI in your business toolkit.

Learn about Get tenant-level SharePoint site views, last modified dates, and more with Power BI


The YouTube video discusses using Power BI to garner SharePoint site information, such as total views, last modified dates, and more valuable insights from OData feeds. This data can be applied for reporting on subsites, a task often found challenging. The video demonstrates the extraction of a list of SharePoint sites with their recent/lifetime views, as well as the last activity date. The Power Query site query from the video is:


This method was suggested by Jordan Murphy, who's done comprehensive work creating such relational queries. The video is structured as follows:

  • 0:00 - Intro
  • 2:39 - Overview of what's in the API
  • 7:00 - Creating your queries
  • 17:00 - Visualizing

For those interested in delving deeper into Power BI, SharePoint and understanding how to use APIs, several training courses may be beneficial. These could range from introductions to Power BI and SharePoint, to more specialty courses focusing explicitly on using these platforms for data extraction and visualization.


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