Optimize Data Estate with 360-degree View in Microsoft Purview
Microsoft Purview
Sep 22, 2023 1:00 AM

Optimize Data Estate with 360-degree View in Microsoft Purview

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Unlock comprehensive data insights with Microsoft Purview, your buffer against data breaches and insider risks.

Understanding Microsoft Purview and its Role in Data Security

Microsoft Purview is a versatile tool that provides a comprehensive view of your organization's data estate. It serves as a critical mechanism for the detection and prevention of data security incidents.
With 25% of data breaches traced back to trusted insiders, maintaining stringent insider risk levels is vital. Microsoft Purview can be combined with data classification and adaptive data loss prevention policies to facilitate this.
A prominent example of corporate espionage highlights how this tool can identify such security threats. This incident was orchestrated by an inside associate, whose actions went undetected until it was too late. However, Microsoft Purview is designed to detect and prevent this type of data security breach.
The Microsoft Mechanics series provides a rich knowledge base for IT personnel. It features the latest insights and demo content from the people that build the tech at Microsoft. It also facilitates interaction and knowledge sharing within the IT community.
Microsoft Purview forms a key part of Microsoft's strategy for data loss prevention, insider risk management, and information protection.

  • Microsoft Purview provides an extensive view across your data estate
  • Uses data classification and data loss prevention policies to detect and prevent data security incidents
  • Contributors to 25% of data breaches are insiders, this tool limits this risk
  • Microsoft Mechanics series shares valuable knowledge in the tech world
  • Purview is an essential tool for insider risk management and information protection.

Learn about Get a 360 degree view across your data estate—ready to use in Microsoft Purview.

The text discusses utilizing Microsoft Purview for a comprehensive perspective on data estate and enhancing data security. It talks about combining data classification with adaptive loss prevention policies according to the insider risk level. It highlights the fact that insiders contribute to 25% of data breaches which often go unnoticed until late. Using a real-life corporate espionage story as reference, the text elaborates on how Microsoft Purview helps detect and prevent such data security incidents. This topic is a part of Microsoft's official video series for IT, Microsoft Mechanics, and the text also provides links for subscribing to the series, accessing their podcast, joining their tech community and following them on social media.


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