OpenAIs Dall-E Image Generation via Power Apps & Custom Connector
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Oct 30, 2023 10:00 AM

OpenAIs Dall-E Image Generation via Power Apps & Custom Connector

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Unlock AIs capabilities: Learn to utilize OpenAIs Dall-E in Power Apps using a custom connector for enhanced image generation.

Understanding the Utilization of OpenAI's Dall-E in Power Apps

This video, presented by Dhruvin Shah [MVP], Unveil the power of image generation from text using OpenAI's Dall-E through Power Apps, facilitated by a Power Platform custom connector. This comprehensive guide navigates you from the basic setup to the final steps needed to use Dall-E's capabilities smoothly in your Power Apps project. Regardless of your proficiency level in Power Apps, the instructions in this guide let you utilize the power of Dall-E with ease thanks to a custom connector.

This AI and Power Platform series guide you on using Open AI's Dall E model to generate images from textual input. There is direct consumption of this model using a custom connector via the Power Platform. Designed within Power Apps, the users get to ask for the Images while the Open AI's Dall E model runs background API calls to generate the required images.

Every step of the process of generating images from text using Open AI Dall E model with Power Apps is explained in detail. Here is a complete step-by-step guide.


  • Introductory segment
  • OpenAI exploration
  • A look at the Dall E Model and Preview App for Image Generation
  • Endpoint details for Dall E Image mode
  • Generation of the OpenAI authorization key
  • Pricing structure and payment options of Open AI
  • Creation of a Custom Connector
  • Usage of Dalle 3 Model to create a Custom Connector on Power Platform
  • Overview and Security details associated with the Custom Connector
  • API End Points and Connector Creation
  • Key generation and Custom Connector testing
  • Passing of Open AI Parameters and response import
  • Calling of Custom Connector and product formula
  • Prompt for Call E Model in Power Apps and result verification

Watch the video tutorial to get a more in-depth understanding of OpenAI's Dall E model integration in Power Apps, guided by "Dhruvin Shah [MVP]". For more on Power Apps, click here.

OpenAI's Dall E Integration

Utilizing OpenAI's Dall E model within your Power Apps projects allows for incredibly useful transformations of text input into images. Behind the scenes, AI handles the prompt for images, making API calls to generate the requested visuals. This streamlined process, coupled with an intuitive, user-friendly platform such as Power Apps, holds immense potential in enhancing user experience and project outcome.

Power Apps - OpenAIs Dall-E Image Generation via Power Apps & Custom Connector

Images from Text s via Custom Connector

A Power Platform custom connector allows users to connect to a web service or API that isn’t available as an in-built or premium connector in Power Automate, Power Apps, or Power BI. Custom connectors provide a way to describe the necessary configuration to connect to a service and describe the operations that the service supports. When you create a custom connector, you define the output of the operations that the custom connector performs. 
This is used to connect to the DALL·E 3 API

DALL·E, DALL·E 2, and DALL·E 3 are a series of innovative text-to-image models developed by OpenAI, employing deep learning techniques to create digital images from textual descriptions.

  • DALL·E:

    • Unveiled in January 2021.

    • Based on a modified GPT-3 for generating images from text prompts.

  • DALL·E 2:

    • Introduced in April 2022.

    • Capable of producing more realistic and higher-resolution images, blending concepts, attributes, and styles.

    • Beta phase began in July 2022, initially for 1 million waitlisted users.

    • Publicly accessible from September 2022.

    • API released in November 2022 for integration into various applications.

    • Adopted by Microsoft in their Designer app and Image Creator tool.

  • DALL·E 3:

    • Announced in September 2023.

    • Promised enhanced understanding of nuance and detail.

    • Natively available in ChatGPT for premium users as of October 2023.

    • Broader API availability expected later in the year.

    • Implemented by Microsoft in Bing's Image Creator tool, with plans for the Designer app.


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