Exploring Potential: Tips and Strategies for Framing Opportunity
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Oct 4, 2023 4:00 AM

Exploring Potential: Tips and Strategies for Framing Opportunity

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Enhance your Microsoft expertise: Virtual mentoring video on framing client opportunities perfectly!

In this YouTube video presented by John Savill (MVP), he guides viewers on the technique of framing opportunities with clients in a mentoring context. He breaks down the topic into several subsections: introduction, building on value to the client, identifying blockers, discussing costs, understanding the effort involved, gauging risk, gaining an overall understanding, and summarizing the discussions.

  • Introduction: He starts the video with a brief introduction about the importance of framing opportunities in a client relationship.

  • Build on value to client: Savill emphasizes on building on value to the client and how it plays a pivotal role in opportunity framing.

  • Blockers: He then discusses about spotting potential obstacles that could hinder the progress of such opportunities.

  • Cost: An important factor to consider according to Savill, here he speaks about managing the costs associated with opportunities.

  • Effort: He highlights the importance of understanding the effort required for the opportunities and how this influences the decision-making process.

  • Risk: Savill elaborates on the need to gauge risk in any business opportunity to improve efficiency and increase success rates.

  • Understanding: Indicating the need for a thorough understanding of all factors and how it impacts the overall process is shown here.

  • Summary: He concludes the video with a summary of the points discussed, leaving the viewer with a wholesome understanding of framing opportunities with clients.

A Broader Perspective on Opportunity Framing

Opportunity framing is an integral part of business operations, particularly when it comes, to managing client relationships. Positioning a business proposition effectively to a client requires a clear understanding of the value it can offer, any potential blockers that might obstruct its successful execution, and a realistic estimation of the cost and effort involved. In addition, risk management must be incorporated into the process, to prevent undesirable outcomes and provide contingency plans. In general, the more efficiently these elements are framed to the client, the better their understanding will be, leading to more productive discussions and ultimately, better business decisions.

Learn about Framing Opportunity


In the latest YouTube video 'Framing Opportunity', the concept of effectively presenting opportunities to clients in a virtual context is discussed. The video starts with an introduction, followed by several dedicated segments detailing how to build value, recognize blockers, manage costs, evaluate effort, understand risks, and gain a deeper understanding before wrapping up with a summary.

The significant segments of this video are as follows:

  • Building on value to client: This section emphasizes how to enhance relationships with clients by delivering added value. This can be achieved by understanding the client's needs and providing customized solutions for them.
  • Identifying Blockers: It is critical to identify any potential obstacles or 'blockers' that may hinder a client's decision-making process. This section provides guidance on detecting and addressing such issues.
  • Cost Management: The part on cost explores ways to handle financial aspects of a business proposition, focusing on making it as beneficial to the client as possible.
  • Effort Evaluation: This section discusses how to assess and communicate the degree of effort that a specific task or project will require.
  • Risk Understanding: This segment encourages assessing the potential risks involved in a project, ensuring the client is aware of them, and addressing the client's concerns effectively.


In conclusion, 'Framing Opportunity' can be a valuable tool for individuals seeking to improve their client interaction skills. To further enhance your understanding and abilities in this area, one might consider enrolling in training courses on sales, communication skills, project management, and risk assessment. These courses are available from various educational platforms and professional institutions.


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