Getting Started with Teams Premium Public Preview Guide
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Oct 19, 2022 9:16 PM

Getting Started with Teams Premium Public Preview Guide

by HubSite 365 about Sara Fennah (The Teams Queen Blog)

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Explore the features, steps, and insights of Teams Premium Public Preview, a must-read for Microsoft Teams Administrators.

The public preview of Teams Premium, the superior version of Microsoft Teams, is now available. Sara Fennah in her blog "The Teams Queen Blog" provides a comprehensive guide about the features of this exclusive version and how a tenant can sign up.

Fennah addresses various lucrative features including Meeting Encryption, Water Marking, Meeting Templates, Advanced Webinars, and meeting branding experiences. While these features aim to enhance the overall collaborative procedure, she notes that the preview is available only for up to three users per tenant.

The blog further reveals the plans for increasing the user limit with the official launch due in February 2023. There are, however, some upcoming features like custom branding, which are not immediately available for the trial but are expected to roll out in near future.

The author compares the feature variability of Teams Premium with the standard Teams version and provides help on accessing trial licenses for those who couldn't find them. She recommends redeeming at least two trial licenses/slots to get a full grip on the features.

In addition, the blog discusses how to enable meeting encryption, watermarking, meeting templates, and the process of assigning licenses. A unique feature discussed is watermarking which adds attendee's email as a watermark on videos to discourage sharing sensitive content.

The author advises exploring Teams Premium before fully integrating it with your system. Another notable feature is 'Custom Meeting Branding.' However, the full scope of this attribute is yet to be released. The author explains how it can be tested now using existing features in your tenant.

In order to fully utilize Teams Premium features like meeting encryption, watermarking and meeting templates, an admin needs to enable them in policies. The blog provides comprehensive guides on how these can be enabled and used effectively.

Teams Premium: A New Era of Collaboration

With the advent of Teams Premium, the possibilities for advanced webinars, high-quality meetings, and greater data security are increasing. Features like meeting encryption secure data exchanges during meetings, while watermarking discourages unauthorized sharing of sensitive information. Furthermore, custom meeting templates automate repetitive tasks, saving time for greater productivity.

The inclusion of advanced webinars in Teams Premium furthers the reach and effectiveness of virtual meetings, putting it at the forefront of virtual collaboration tools. These features, along with enhanced customization, makes Teams Premium a must-check-out for enterprises seeking to elevate their virtual collaboration experience.

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Teams Premium - Getting Started with Teams Premium Public Preview Guide

Learn about First Steps with Teams Premium Public Preview

The advent of Teams Premium's public preview brings a myriad of new possibilities. The official launch blog introduces the first steps into this journey by looking how you sign up and how to enable Meeting Encryption, Water Marking, Meeting Templates and more. This top-tier service is aimed at Teams Administrators. This blog explores the settings update and how to test them out.

The exclusive benefits of Teams Premium are only available for up to three users in a tenant. However, the number of users is expected to increase closer to the launch, projected for February 2023. It is important to anticipate that some features, such as custom branding, are likely to roll out into the trial in January 2023, while the intelligent recap and RMTP into webinars will not be included in the public preview.

Teams Premium and standard Microsoft Teams have a clear comparison of features documented on Microsoft Learn. This will aid you in understanding the value of Teams Premium in enhancing Teams Licensing. In case Team Premium's trial licenses are not easily identifiable in your tenant, there is a way to add the trial as per the Trial Licensing FAQ's.

Once you've added the trial licenses, you can assign them to the users who will utilise the trial. It's recommended to redeem at least two trial licenses to explore the premium features thoroughly - one for an admin to create meeting sensitivity labels and one test user to trial the features.

Teams Premium offers different meeting features such as meeting encryption. To test out meeting encryption, change the appropriate encryption policy to allow users to apply encryption to meetings. Also, watermarking can be used to add the email of the attendee as a watermark on videos or shared content in meetings. This helps in discouraging screenshots or sharing when sensitive content is involved.

Meeting templates save time by providing preset configurations for meeting options, accessible under Meeting templates in Teams Admin Centre and published to users with a Meeting template policy. Premium users of Teams will receive new templates added to the global policy, eliminating the need to create a custom policy for testing purposes.

Customizing your meetings comes with advantages such as branded lobbies, meeting themes and custom together mode scenes. This software offers customised meeting branding alongside the ability to try out pushing Organisation backgrounds from the Customize meeting images button in the Meeting Policies page. Another customizable feature available is Advanced Communications licensing.

Lastly, make use of the advanced webinar feature for better meeting set ups. Users will need to have the Meeting Registration feature enabled in the meeting policy, which can be further set via Teams Admin Centre. The new features can be enabled by the "AllowWebinar" setting in the new Events policy.

Additional management of event policies can also be accomplished with newly launched cmdlets. To disable allow webinar in the default Events policy:
- Update-Module MicrosoftTeams
- Connect-MicrosoftTeams
- Set-CSTeamsEventsPolicy -Identity Global -AllowWebinar Disabled
- Disconnect-MicrosoftTeams

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