Utilizing Power Automate and Office Script for Excel
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Oct 20, 2022 9:13 AM

Utilizing Power Automate and Office Script for Excel

by HubSite 365 about Benedikt Bergmann [MVP]

Microsoft Business Applications MVP | Power Platform Consultant at CRM-Konsulterna

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Learn how to manipulate Excel data using Power Automate and Office Script effortlessly, as explained by a Microsoft expert.

The blog post in question is penned by renowned author Benedikt Bergmann [MVP]. At its core, it delves into the utility and functionality of certain Microsoft tools, specifically centering around filling Excel with the help of particular programs.

Fill Excel using Automation Tools and Office Script

The blog post's prime topic is filling Excel using automation software, namely Power Automate and the Office Script feature. It aims to demonstrate the synergy between these software and how they enhance Excel's capabilities.

Power control tools are designed to automate the workflow of repetitive tasks and thus optimize efficiency. Office script, on the other hand, is a feature incorporated within Office associated programs, aiding users with scripting abilities to automate tasks within the office program suite.

The blog shows how to efficiently use the automation software with Excel, resulting in saving time and error-free tasks. The author shared step by step detail of executing automation tasks with gems of tips to overcome common issues that users face while using these automation tools with Excel.

An Overview of Automating Excel Tasks

Automating tasks in Excel has become essential in modern data analysis and business operations. It not only enhances productivity but also ensures accuracy in repetitive tasks. The combination of Power Automate and Office Script serves as an excellent solution to automate data handling tasks in Excel.

The programs allow the automation of complex tasks like data import, export, formatting, and advanced calculations. As a result, human errors significantly reduce, and work efficiency increases noticeably.

Automating Excel tasks is just the tip of the technological iceberg. Automation software also finds applications in running complex algorithms, managing reports, and handling large-scale data management.

Understanding automation software and its functionality is a boon for those working with Excel and dealing with data management regularly. It results in efficient data handling, better productivity, and an overall streamlined workflow.

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Power Automate - Utilizing Power Automate and Office Script for Excel

Learn about Fill Excel using Power Automate and Office Script

Microsoft Power Automate and Office Script offer innovative ways of automating tasks and processes. By mastering these tools, you can save time and effort, and increase your productivity significantly.


Here are some courses that can help you become proficient in Power Automate and Office Script:

  • Power Automate Essentials: This course will provide a basic understanding of Power Automate's functionalities and use cases.
  • Advanced Power Automate: This course delves into the more complex features of Power Automate, including integration with other Microsoft tools.
  • Introduction to Office Script: This course covers the basics of Office Script and how it integrates with Excel.
  • Mastering Office Script: This advanced course teaches you how to use the more complex functionalities of Office Script.

These courses are designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the topics covered in the given text. They are structured in a way that after completion, the learner should be able to apply the knowledge gained to achieve their desired results without needing additional information.


The text revolves around using the automated solution, Power Automate, and Office Script to manipulate Excel files. It goes into detail about how Office Script, a TypeScript subset, allows users to run scripts against an Excel file. It further explains how Power Automate can facilitate the process by adding functionalities to Excel online without coding everything within the platform.

Office Script is only available for Excel online and files need to be stored in SharePoint Online or OneDrive. The article presents a detailed guide on using Office Script and Power Automate in a real-world scenario, demonstrating the creating and filling of an Excel file and the sending of this file via email.

However, it highlights that Office Script lacks governance or application lifecycle management (ALM), requiring users to create three different scripts for different stages: development, testing, and production. Despite this challenge, the text concludes that Office Script is a useful and efficient tool for handling complex scenarios in Excel online.

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