Exciting updates to Power Apps Modern Control Updates are here!
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Mar 7, 2024 4:32 PM

Exciting updates to Power Apps Modern Control Updates are here!

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Explore Feb 2024 Power Apps Updates: New Controls, Theming & More!

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  • Number input control improvement allows makers to configure decimal precision and step values, enhancing numeric scenarios in Power Apps.
  • An OnSelect event added to the Table control enables actions upon selection of a single record, improving user interaction within apps.
  • Collapsible sections in the Properties pane organize properties into four groups, simplifying the maker experience by allowing customization focus.
  • Upcoming features include new controls like Icon control for design consistency, Stream control for video integration, and enhancements in styling such as Fill, Padding, and Border properties, further expanding customization options.
  • The introduction of simple in-app custom theming allows makers to create unique themes for apps, promoting brand consistency and personalization.


Exploring the February 2024 updates in Power Apps for Modernization and Theming

The February 2024 updates bring substantial modernization to canvas apps within Power Apps. These improvements are a continuation of a series focused on enhancing modern controls. Makers now have access to a number input control that supports typing or arrow selection for numerical values, complete with adjustable decimal precision and step values.

Additionally, the Table control has been upgraded to include an OnSelect event, enabling actions upon record selection. The properties pane has also seen enhancements with collapsible sections, aimed at simplifying the maker experience by allowing for easier property management.

Looking ahead, several promising updates are on the horizon, including the introduction of new controls such as the Icon control for design consistency and a Stream control for video management in Power Apps. Moreover, upcoming adjustments to styling options will cover fill, padding, and border properties to enhance app customization. Power Apps is also scheduled to provide simple in-app custom theming options, allowing makers to tailor fonts and colors to their apps.

  • Number Input Control - Allows input of numerical values with adjustable parameters.
  • Table Control Update - Introduces OnSelect event for record selection actions.
  • Collapsible Sections - Simplifies properties pane management with grouped and collapsible sections.
  • Upcoming Icon Control - Will enable the addition of fluent icons for design consistency.
  • Stream Control - A forthcoming feature to embed and manage video content directly within apps.
  • Custom Theming - The initial version of custom theming will allow for personalized app designs.

The feedback from the community and makers continues to play a crucial role in guiding these updates and enhancements to Power Apps' modern controls and theming capabilities.

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