Power Automate - Run desktop flows in Picture-in-Picture
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Feb 15, 2024 8:38 PM

Power Automate - Run desktop flows in Picture-in-Picture

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Explore Feb 2024s Power Automate Desktop Update: New Picture-in-Picture Mode & Power Fx Enhancements!

Key insights

Power Automate - Feb 2024 Power Automate Desktop Update Highlights

  • February 2024 Power Automate for desktop update introduces Picture-in-Picture run mode in preview, offering users the capability to execute local attended desktop flows within a virtual window, ensuring uninterrupted work on the main desktop.

  • Power Fx now supports interpolated strings, enabling makers to include Power Fx expressions directly into the text, enhancing the flexibility and power of Power Automate desktop flows in preview.

  • The update is part of the version 2.41 release, highlighting Microsoft's commitment to continuously enhance and expand the functionalities of Power Automate for desktop.

  • Users are encouraged to download the latest release to take advantage of the new features and updates offered in this update.

  • The Power Automate community is a resource for questions and feedback, demonstrating the eagerness of the development team to engage with users and improve the product based on user input.
  • Allowing users to run local attended desktop flows within a virtual window that replicates their desktop, without having to interrupt their work on the machine.
  • Ready to dive deeper into Power Automate Desktop? Check out resources & and join the Power Automate Community for tips, feedback, and questions!
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Power Automate for Desktop

Power Automate for desktop is a powerful tool provided by Microsoft that allows users to automate repetitive desktop tasks, enhancing productivity and efficiency. As part of its continuous improvement, Microsoft releases frequent updates to introduce new features and enhancements. The February 2024 update is notable for introducing the Picture-in-Picture run mode, which allows users to execute automation flows in a way that does not interrupt their primary tasks on the computer. Additionally, the inclusion of Power Fx support for interpolated strings opens up new possibilities for dynamic automation that can adapt based on variable input directly within text fields. This update, marked as version 2.41, reflects Microsoft's dedication to expanding the capabilities of Power Automate for desktop, making it an increasingly versatile tool for both casual users looking to simplify their workflows and developers needing more robust automation solutions.

The February 2024 update of Power Automate for desktop introduces several new features, with a notable addition being the Picture-in-Picture (PiP) run mode. This update, spearheaded by Program Manager II Yiannis Mavridis, reflects the team's commitment to enhancing user experience and workflow efficiency. Interested users can access this latest version, marked 2.41, to explore the newly integrated functionalities.

The PiP run mode is now available in public preview, allowing for the execution of local attended desktop flows within a virtual window. This innovative mode enables users to automate tasks on their desktop without interrupting their ongoing work, fostering a seamless multitasking environment. The introduction of PiP mode exemplifies the continuous efforts to refine and expand the capabilities of Power Automate for desktop.

Another significant update includes the support for interpolated strings in Power Automate for desktop through Power Fx. Makers can now incorporate Power Fx expressions directly into text inputs, enhancing the flexibility and power of desktop flows. This feature is currently available in preview for Power Fx-enabled desktop flows, opening new possibilities for automation creatives.

The team encourages the Power Automate community to engage with these updates and provide feedback. For those looking to delve deeper into the functionalities and benefits of Power Automate for desktop, a variety of resources are made available to kickstart the exploration of this comprehensive automation tool. For more information, visit Power Automate.

People also ask

Is there a desktop version of Power Automate?

Yes, Power Automate for desktop is available through the desktop store installation coupled with a runtime application that users can deploy via the MSI package. It is designed to respect the proxy configurations set in Windows by default.

What is new in Power Automate desktop?

The January 2023 update of Power Automate for desktop introduced several enhancements, including AI-powered suggestion capabilities for actions, support for processing blank values, the ability to utilize single sign-on, and an expanded array of actions, specifically actions tailored for Microsoft Word.

How do I update my Power Automate desktop?

To ensure you have the latest version of Power Automate Desktop, you can easily check for updates by following a specific set of instructions designed for this purpose.

Is Power Automate desktop free with Office 365?

Although Power Automate is not bundled with Office 365 personal or family plans, it is included in Office 365 Business Basic and higher tier plans. A detailed comparison chart is available to clarify the licensing options for Power Automate access.


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