ExpressRoute Metro - Higher Availability for ExpressRoute Circuits
Apr 15, 2024 3:00 PM

ExpressRoute Metro - Higher Availability for ExpressRoute Circuits

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Boost ExpressRoute Circuit Uptime with ExpressRoute Metro’s Enhanced Resiliency.

Key insights


  • ExpressRoute Metro improves resiliency for ExpressRoute circuits within a peering location.
  • Offers higher availability and enhanced performance for applications running on Microsoft Azure.
  • Includes a review of the resiliency challenges and available solutions through demonstrations.
  • Cost implications of adopting ExpressRoute Metro compared to standard offerings are discussed.
  • Resources for further learning and certification in Azure are provided through various linked materials.

Enhancing Network Resilience with ExpressRoute Metro

In an age where cloud computing and online services are integral to business operations, network downtime can mean significant financial losses and reduced customer trust. This is where solutions like ExpressRoute Metro play a crucial role.

ExpressRoute Metro offers enhanced availability for ExpressRoute circuits within peering locations. This solution is designed to increase resiliency, addressing challenges in maintaining connection reliability. The video covers the introduction, a review of the ExpressRoute, and the specific resiliency challenges it aims to overcome.

Introduced at the onset, the video delves into the Microsoft network before exploring the merits and functionalities of ExpressRoute. As the discussion progresses, it becomes clear that the primary focus is on enhancing the resiliency of ExpressRoute circuits. This is where ExpressRoute Metro steps in, providing a solution tailored to address availability and cost concerns.

Further into the content, a demonstration showcases how ExpressRoute Metro operates, highlighting various resiliency options available. The summary wraps up the key points discussed, reiterating the significance of ExpressRoute Metro in achieving higher availability. This part of the video serves to reinforce the pivotal information shared about the service's capabilities.

Throughout the video, John Savill, an MVP, leverages a whiteboard and multiple resources to illustrate the concept of ExpressRoute Metro. Although external links to resources such as GitHub and YouTube playlists are mentioned for further learning, these have been omitted here for brevity. The video effectively employs visual aids and external references to enhance understanding of ExpressRoute Metro's benefits.

One novel aspect of the video is the invitation to enable subtitles for non-native English speakers, showcasing a consideration for inclusivity. This feature underscores the video's aim to educate a diverse audience about the intricacies of Networking through ExpressRoute Metro. Lastly, viewers are encouraged to subscribe for more insights into Microsoft Azure and related technologies.


Networking - Maximize ExpressRoute Circuits with Enhanced Metro Availability


People also ask

What is high availability express route?

In order to enhance high availability, it is advised to utilize the dual connections of an ExpressRoute circuit in an active-active configuration. When arranged in this manner, the Microsoft network adeptly distributes the traffic over the two connections on a flow-by-flow basis, ensuring optimal traffic management and reliability.

What is the difference between ExpressRoute gateway and circuit?

The primary distinction lies in their deployment and functionality within the network architecture. ExpressRoute Circuits are instituted at peering or meet-me locations and correspond with various pricing zones based on their deployment. Conversely, ExpressRoute Gateways serve the purpose of facilitating network routes exchange and directing network traffic, embodying the virtual network gateway meant for seamless route and traffic management between on-premises networks and the Azure cloud.

What is the limitation of express route gateway?

A notable limitation of ExpressRoute gateway is its packet size constraint, which accommodates a maximum of 1400 bytes for both TCP and UDP packets. Any packet exceeding this size will be fragmented to adhere to the limit. Additionally, the Azure Route Server's capability is capped at supporting a maximum of 4000 VMs, including those in peered virtual networks, setting a scale boundary for networked virtual machine deployment.

What are the 3 express route connectivity models?

ExpressRoute facilitates a linkage between on-premises networks and the Microsoft cloud via four distinct methodologies, including CloudExchange Colocation, Point-to-point Ethernet Connection, Any-to-any (IPVPN) Connection, and ExpressRoute Direct. These models are tailored to meet diverse network connectivity needs, with connectivity providers potentially offering multiple options to best align with specific requirements.



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