New Viva Connections Home Experience: A Detailed Exploration
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Sep 28, 2023 1:57 PM

New Viva Connections Home Experience: A Detailed Exploration

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Discover the new Viva Connections home experience, revolutionizing Microsofts SharePoint roll out process and Desktop configuration.

The new Viva Connections home experience for Desktop has begun its release in targeted tenants. As a fresh experience, it simplifies the roll-out of Viva Connections by eliminating the need for setting up the SharePoint home site. The easy configuration of this new home experience is also discussed in this post.

The updated Viva Connections home experience alleviates the need for establishing a SharePoint home site. Upon addition, the new users can swiftly utilize the system with features such as branding, a user-friendly dashboard, and accessible resources. Learn more.

Existing set-ups of Viva Connections with home sites can be smoothly transitioned onto the new home design without the need of any additional adjustments. This covers areas such as Card Dashboard usage and Resource application from the previous model, home site configuration. However, if users wish to retain their Viva Connections landing experience on the SharePoint home site, this option is still available.

Assigning Content Authors and Unique Branding

In order to modify this new desktop experience, members should have a minimum of member-level permission or higher. This allows access management through the right top corner selection. Further, giving access to other users allows content edits in the Dashboard and Navigation, along with editing permissions.

To provide a unique branding experience, users can implement a background image in the new experience. This includes using stock images, an image search, files from OneDrive, or uploading a new image. Once the branding image is uploaded, users can improve its alignment on the background by adjusting a focal point of the image.

The dashboard also allows users to arrange cards for their employee work management. This includes adding multiple cards to a dashboard for an optimized desktop and mobile experience.

Resource Setup and Summary

Resources are key to defining navigation and wayfinding. Customizations are possible via the edit function, hence streamlining navigation.

In summary, the new Viva Connections home experience for Desktop is simple to install without needing to set up the SharePoint home site. For already set up Viva Connections with the SharePoint home site, users may choose to continue with the same experience, or switch to the new home experience.

The new Viva Connections home experience to Desktop revolutionizes the way we use and interact with the platform. It eliminates the stress of setting up and managing the SharePoint home site, making operations run smoother and faster. Therefore, making the transition to the new Viva Connections home simpler, beneficial and efficient for users.

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Viva Connections - New Viva Connections Home Experience: A Detailed Exploration

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