New Microsoft Teams Update App - Explore brand new experiences
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Nov 28, 2023 6:00 PM

New Microsoft Teams Update App - Explore brand new experiences

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Streamline Team Reporting in Teams with New Export, Commenting & Onboarding Features!

Explore brand new experiences in the Updates app in Microsoft Teams. The Updates app is an out-of-the-box solution that helps users streamline their work reporting process. From a weekly summary to an incident report, it makes it easy for individuals to handle all their reporting in one location. In response to customer feedback, many new features have been introduced to improve user satisfaction, such as a new onboarding experience and data export capabilities. Additionally, features like commenting and data analysis help to further meet user needs and enhance efficiency in collaboration. The Updates app helps users fully utilize platform features. This ultimately contributes to boosting teamwork efficiency. The importance of teamwork cannot be understated in today's workplace.

Teams - New Microsoft Teams Update App: Enhance Your Workflow

What is the Updates app in Microsoft Teams

Explore brand new experiences in the Updates app in Microsoft Teams.

Updates in Teams is an out-of-the-box app that enables people to streamline their work reporting process; from a weekly update to an incident report, it makes it easy for people to manage them all in one place. In response to valuable feedback, new features have been added, like a new onboarding experience, data export, commenting, and more, enhancing functionality and efficiency.



What's New

  • Modern onboarding experience: Teams can now quickly and easily streamline work reports.
  • Exporting update data to Excel: Viewers can export submissions, applying filters before exporting.
  • Summary view of received submissions: Switch between views and customize data stats for better tracking.
  • Collaboration features: Team members can like, comment, and inspect read statuses to improve communication.

To help users appreciate the value of the product, the Updates app's design has been improved for better user experience. This revamp simplifies the process of generating requests and submitting reports and introduces a fresh design in chat groups.

Once data is in the chat, a new design helps users focus on their tasks. A dedicated space in chat or channels now allows users to concentrate on the work at hand.

Export to Excel File

The ability to export data directly to an Excel file is a highly anticipated feature that has been added to Updates. This function makes it easier for users to analyze, store, and share update submissions, improving the data handling aspect of updates.

Summary View of Received Submissions

Viewers can now also access data sorted by question, enabling focus on specific topic summaries. They can customize displayed statistics to align with their business needs, facilitating better tracking and issue identification.

Read By, Like, and Comment

For weekly sync-ups, teams now have the capability to give feedback and discuss report content with easy-to-use collaborative features. These allow for checking comprehension, expressing appreciation, and initiating discussions aimed at enhancing team collaboration and efficiency.

Ready to Get Started?

All newly introduced features are currently available within the Updates app. Users can access these tools via:

  • Chat group
  • Teams team channel
  • Updates personal app

Welcome to share your thoughts and start discussions with us!


Further Insights into the Updates App and Microsoft Teams

The Updates app within Microsoft Teams is transforming the way teams collaborate and manage their reporting workflows. With features designed to simplify the process — from creating reports to generating insights from submissions, the app serves as a hub for team efficiency. This alignment with business needs ensures that Microsoft Teams remains an indispensable tool for modern collaboration, offering solutions that extend beyond mere communication to truly synergistic work ecosystems. Ami Diamond, the MVP behind many of these innovations, is demonstrably committed to enhancing team productivity through intuitive technology.

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