Excel Python 3D Scatterplot
Sep 8, 2023 4:00 PM

Excel Python 3D Scatterplot

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Microsoft Excel Tutorial - Drawing a 3D Scatterplot using Python in Excel Download the workbook.

The Microsoft Excel tutorial episode 2620 demonstrates a step-by-step guide on creating a 3D Scatterplot using Python in Excel. The workbook for this guide can be downloaded from the link: www.mrexcel.com/youtube/TMyAAxbUU7s. It first explains how to plot a circle in an Excel XY Chart before converting degrees to radians in Excel.

Next, you will learn how to build X, Y, Z values for a series of circles in Excel using Chat-GPT for Python code specifically for a 3D Scatter Plot. This Python code needs to be adapted in order to work in Excel. Different marker choices for python charts are also showcased.

  • Problem Statement - 3D Scatterplot in Python (0:00)
  • Excel formulas to plot a circle in Excel (0:14)
  • Convert degrees to Radians in Excel (0:45)
  • Formulas to Create a 3D Spiral in Excel (1:15)
  • Finding Python code from Chat-GPT (2:45)
  • Adapting Python code for Excel (3:10)
  • Making a tiny chart larger with a reference (4:45)
  • Marker choices in Python (5:25)
  • Wrap-up (5:35)

Following this guide will enable you to effectively generate a 3D Scatterplot in Microsoft Excel using Python. Careful attention should be paid to each step to ensure accuracy and success.

Deep Dive Into 3D Scatterplot Creation in Python for Excel

The tutorial offers an in-depth understanding of how Python and Excel can work together to deliver stunning 3D visualizations. It begins with the derivation of circle plots in Excel and then leveraging these plots to create a 3D Spiral. The process continues with Python code generation using Chat-GPT and its subsequent adaptation for Excel application. Critical concepts like marker choice for Python charts and converting degrees to radians in Excel also surface prominently in the tutorial.

Learn about Excel Python 3D Scatterplot

In this episode of Microsoft Excel Tutorial, you will learn how to draw a 3D scatterplot using Python in Excel. You will learn how to plot a circle in an Excel XY chart, convert degrees to radians in Excel, build X, Y, Z values for a series of circles in Excel, and use Chat-GPT for Python code for a 3D scatter plot. You will also learn how to adapt the copied code and select marker choices for Python charts. Finally, you will learn how to make a tiny chart larger using a reference. By completing this tutorial, you will have a better understanding of how to plot a 3D scatterplot in Excel using Python.


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