Excel Is Going To Be VERY Different...
Sep 5, 2023 1:00 PM

Excel Is Going To Be VERY Different...

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Not exactly a snakes on a plane situation, but your spreadsheets are going to get a lot more hissy, thanks to introduction of Python for Excel.

Microsoft Excel is set to become quite different from what users are accustomed to, as Python for Excel is introduced. This new feature is expected to make spreadsheets more dynamic and who knows, a tad bit intimidating for those who are not conversant with Python. This article discusses this significant change, taking you through some practical use-case scenarios. It is expected that users will be able to load data and build a DataFrame in Python, perform basic data analysis, and even create pivot tables.

The various libraries that will be used by Excel Python, such as Pandas and Seaborn are also introduced. There will be the capacity to create a chart with Python in Excel, using the Seaborn library, and how your Python code runs will also be demonstrated.

However, the feature is not without its downsides, the article admits. There may be issues arising when there is an error or a problem; issues like data changes and errors will require robust troubleshooting skills. Users need to know that Excel Python is not full Python; there will be limitations.

Licensing of Python is expected to be quite troublesome, and the use of many languages in Excel might increase learning curve for some users. Despite these, the article suggests that users should endeavour to learn Python properly to be able to make the most of this new feature.

Takeaways from the Python for Excel Feature

The introduction of Python for Excel is an exciting development that holds much promise. However, the transition will not be smooth for everyone, particularly for users not familiar with Python. It is expected that the problem-solving skills of users will be significantly tested in the case of errors or data changes. While Python for Excel has its limitations and expected teething issues, the potential benefits it offers are enormous. The article therefore encourages users to not be daunted by these challenges but to take conscious steps to learn Python to leverage the new Excel functionality.

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The text introduces an upcoming feature in Excel: Python for Excel. This new addition can change how spreadsheets are used and understood, transforming it into a more flexible and powerful tool. The author then discusses several aspects such as what this new feature is, how it is employed, what can be achieved using Python in Excel, and gives an opinion on its pros and cons. The author also provides resources to learn more about Python and how to use it in Excel.


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