10 Essential Excel Formulas for Finance: A Comprehensive Guide
Sep 18, 2023 9:30 AM

10 Essential Excel Formulas for Finance: A Comprehensive Guide

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Master Excel for finance with top 10 essential formulas offered in focused courses by Microsoft expert at Career Principles.

Summary of Kenji Explains' Video: Excel for Finance

The video by Kenji Explains revolves around employing Excel for finance, with a focus on the ten critical Excel formulas that are indispensable for any finance enthusiast or professional. These formulas significantly impact several domains, including data analysis, investment banking, financial analysis, and accounting. The key formulas that Kenji Explains delves into are the AGGREGATE function, the EDATE function, the CHOOSE function, the IFERROR, the Data types, the STOCKHISTORY, the FV, the PV, the XNPV, the XIRR, and Goal Seek.

  • The AGGREGATE function is a versatile function that allows multiple operations on a list or database.
  • The EDATE function is useful for obtaining a date exactly one or more months before or after another date.
  • The CHOOSE function lets the user select one value from a list of up to 254 values based on an index number.
  • The IFERROR function catches and responds to occurrences in Excel when specific operations fail.
  • Data Types in Excel provide information and actionable data on a vast array of subjects.
  • STOCKHISTORY spills historic and current securities information, including open, high, low, close, and volume.
  • The FV (Future Value) function calculates the future value of an investment.
  • The PV (Present Value) function returns the present value of an investment.
  • The XNPV and XIRR functions perform calculations for irregular cash flows and periods while taking into account different compounding periods.
  • Goal Seek is a valuable analytical tool that finds the necessary input value to achieve a desired goal.

Extension of the Main Topic

In finance, Excel is a powerful toolkit which is equipped with numerous functions that allow for complex mathematical and financial operations to be executed simply and effortlessly. The formulas highlighted by Kenji Explains in the video extend beyond simple arithmetic or statistical operations and delve further into specialized finance functions. These functions are designed to turn Excel into a powerful financial calculator, simplifying investment analysis, financial modeling, business analytics, and much more.

Learn about Excel for Finance: 10 Formulas You NEED to KNOW

In this YouTube video, the presenter goes over the top 10 Excel formulas crucial for managing financial tasks. This includes formulas such as AGGREGATE, EDATE, CHOOSE, IFERROR, Data Types, STOCKHISTORY, FV, PV, XNPV, XIRR, and Goal Seek. These formulas are deemed beneficial for individuals interested in finance-related roles like financial analysts, investment bankers, data analysts, and accountants.

The video, however, is just a stepping stone for those willing to plunge deeper into finance and Excel. The presenter suggests several training courses available at www.careerprinciples.com. These courses consist of 'Finance & Valuation Course', 'Power BI for Business Analytics', and 'Excel for Business & Finance Course'.

For a more hands-on experience, a free Excel file related to the video is offered for download at hidden-brook-680.myflodesk.com.

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