Essential Guide: Enhancing Power Platform Pipelines Security - Deep Dive
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Apr 5, 2023 9:00 PM

Essential Guide: Enhancing Power Platform Pipelines Security - Deep Dive

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Unlock Microsoft Expertise: Essential Security Guide for Power Platform Pipelines

In this episode of the Low Code Revolution, Prabhat Pandey joins Daniel to talk about security with regards to Pipelines for Power Platform. Prabhat shares useful tips and tricks on how to make it easier to manage your pipeline security.


▶️ Pipelines GA blog post -


▶️ Set up pipelines -


▶️ Security Concepts in Dataverse


▶️ Access Team concept


▶️ Environment Maker Role


▶️ Solution import Security Role


In this Video

  • 00:00 - Introduction
  • 02:57 - Roles Explanation
  • 06:42 - Simplify Role Management
  • 09:40 - Security Management Demo
  • 13:49 - Resources
  • 14:18 - Wrap up

What are Development pipelines for PowerApps

Development pipelines, also known as software development pipelines or CI/CD pipelines, are a series of automated steps that software developers use to build, test, and deploy code changes to production environments.

Development pipelines typically involve a series of stages or phases, such as code review, building, testing, and deployment, each of which is executed automatically by a set of tools and services. This helps to ensure that changes are thoroughly tested and reviewed before being released into production environments, thereby reducing the likelihood of errors or bugs that could cause downtime or other issues.

The ultimate goal of development pipelines is to create a streamlined, automated process for delivering software updates, patches, and new features to end-users, with minimal human intervention or error. By automating as much of the software development and deployment process as possible, development pipelines can help teams deliver high-quality software faster, more reliably, and with fewer errors.

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