Entra ID Conditional Access Made Simple
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Aug 26, 2023 9:00 AM

Entra ID Conditional Access Made Simple

by HubSite 365 about Andy Malone [MVP]

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In this session I’ll take you on a journey inside Microsoft Entra ID Conditional Access. From basic features to integrating with Entra ID Identity Protection. Y

In this Microsoft session, expert Andy Malone delves into the Entra ID Conditional Access system. The course covers the basics, the integration with Entra ID Identity Protection, and detailed functionality of the system.

It is aimed at those prepping for a Microsoft exam, or simply those keen to learn more. Specific topics covered include zero trust and conditional access, critical settings, Entra ID Conditional Access Portal, policy creation, client app restrictions, dynamic device filtering, policy creation from a template, and usage of 'What IF' tool. The video concludes with a reporting overview and final thoughts.

  • Introduction to conditional access and zero trust.
  • Entra ID Identity Protection Overview.
  • Entra ID Conditional Access Portal Overview.
  • Crucial settings to scrutiny.
  • Creating a Entra ID Conditional Access Policy from scratch.
  • Client Application Restrictions.
  • Dynamic Device Filtering.
  • Creating a Entra ID Conditional Access policy from a template.
  • Usage of the What IF Tool.
  • Entra ID Conditional Access Reporting.
  • Session conclusions.

More on Microsoft Entra ID Conditional Access

The Microsoft Entra ID Conditional Access is a comprehensive system allowing administrators to control access to their resources. Entra ID Identity Protection enhances this security by integrating risk-based policies into the procedure.

The 'What If' Tool, Client App Restrictions, and Dynamic device filtering are essential features of this system. Entra ID Conditional Access policies from templates expedite the process while maintaining the highest level of security. Alongside access control, it provides detailed reporting for efficient tracking.

Learn about Entra ID Conditional Access Made Simple

Microsoft Entra ID Conditional Access is a security feature that helps organizations protect their data and resources. It allows administrators to define access policies based on a variety of conditions, such as the user's identity, the device used to access the resource, and the user's location. In this session, we will look at the fundamentals of Entra ID Conditional Access, including how to set up and manage policies, configure client app restrictions, and use the What If Tool to test policies.

We will also look at Entra ID Identity Protection and its integration with Entra ID Conditional Access. Finally, we will examine how to use the reporting features to monitor and audit access policies. With this knowledge, you will be able to implement Entra ID Conditional Access to protect your organization's resources and data.

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