Latest Microsoft Teams Rooms & Devices: Enterprise Connect Updates
Sep 29, 2023 8:20 AM

Latest Microsoft Teams Rooms & Devices: Enterprise Connect Updates

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Discover the latest on Microsoft Teams Rooms & Devices for enhancing collaboration, communication, and optimizing user experience in shared workspaces.

The Present and Future of Microsoft Teams Rooms & Devices

The recently published YouTube video by Microsoft reveals significant updates on Microsoft Teams Rooms & Devices. The primary audience for these updates is the Enterprise Connect community, a group that's continually seeking out the best tools for communications and collaboration. A focus of this update revolves around the palpable shift toward hybrid meetings and more flexible workspace experiences post the pandemic era.

The video starts with a nod to Microsoft Teams' beginnings at Enterprise Connect six years ago and its ensuing evolution. There's mention of the substantial expansion of Teams and its broad recognition as one of the most widely deployed, cloud-connected systems on a global scale.

An essential point in the update involves efforts to facilitate collaborative work in shared spaces. With hot-desking becoming the new normal, Microsoft is partnering with various service providers to enhance and simplifying meeting experiences. For instance, there are now native Teams Rooms experiences available on Cisco's high-quality video technology. Cisco devices certified for Teams offer broad workspace solutions and streamlined, cross-platform meeting experiences.

Innovation and Collaboration with Teams Displays

Speaking of innovations, the video introduces the Teams displays with the hotdesk experience, which simplifies workspace reservations. The recent QR code sign-in feature substantially increases productivity by negating the need for manual credential entries, instead, allowing users to access their personal Teams account by scanning a QR code.

Another leap forward in Teams hardware comes with the Yealink DeskVision A24. Now certified for Teams, this device delivers productive computing for private or shared spaces, thanks to its various AI-powered audio and video capabilities.

In line with the plan to create inclusive meeting environments across all spaces, Microsoft is expanding its offering for shared spaces with smaller, minimalist, and cost-effective solutions. Later this year, for less than $1,000, businesses will be able to equip their meeting rooms with Teams and manage their spaces efficiently.

Introducing Microsoft Device Ecosystem Platform – The Blend of Microsoft and Android

The video unveils the Microsoft device ecosystem platform that brings together Microsoft's and Android's best features. The platform, built on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), assures enhanced security, management ease, reliability, and diversity in hardware and software. With robust tamper resistance and security features, the platform is expected to bolster the security of shared spaces.

The first device to debut using this new system is Jabra's PanaCast 50 Video Bar System, an integrated solution designed for shared spaces that natively and securely runs Teams Rooms on Android.

The Future of Security: Microsoft Defender for Endpoint Plan 2

Microsoft is further enhancing its security with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint Plan 2. Integrated with Teams Rooms Pro license and the Pro Management Portal, this new feature provides end-to-end security management for Teams Rooms. This integration comes into effect by the end of Q2 2023 and will be deployed on Android in the latter half of 2023.

Teams Rooms Interface Upgrade

In addition to the extensive security upgrade, the video sheds light on the new user experience upgrades on Teams Rooms. A new modern, fluid interface is coming to Teams Rooms on Windows. The Android version of Teams Rooms also sees major updates for better content sharing, extended meetings, and inclusive layouts.


In summary, Microsoft is considerably expanding and evolving Teams to meet the challenges and demands of the post-pandemic era. The focus is on enhancing collaborative experiences across shared workspaces, implementing robust security measures, enabling effortless meeting management, and redesigning user interfaces. This integrated approach toward workspace collaboration assures a more productive, secure, and streamlined future with Teams.

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Teams - Latest Microsoft Teams Rooms & Devices: Enterprise Connect Updates

Learn about Enterprise Connect: Latest Updates on Microsoft Teams Rooms & Devices

Enterprise Connect is a significant event for professionals seeking the latest advancements in communication tools and collaboration platforms. A few years ago, a new solution, Microsoft Teams, was introduced here, increasing interaction and productivity tremendously. Microsoft Teams Rooms also premiered at the event, providing an easier-to-use, more innovative, and inclusive meeting room solution. Over time, these platforms have evolved and expanded, adapting to the changing needs of work environments in various companies. The article explores the latest updates on Microsoft Teams Rooms and their innovative solutions for hybrid meetings.

  • Expanding collaboration methods within Teams

Teams is dedicated to delivering engaging meetings across different spaces, making room management as smooth as possible. With the shift from individual spaces to flexible shared spaces, Teams offers customers efficient solutions through its collaborations with different partners. This way, IT teams can manage numerous BYOD (bring your own device) rooms, making the process much more efficient.

One of the significant updates is the native Microsoft Teams Rooms experiences available on Cisco's high-quality video technology. This partnership will expand the portfolio of Teams-certified devices by Cisco, further improving workspace experiences. Also, new devices like the Cisco Board Pro enhance video meetings, digital whiteboarding, shared content annotating, apps accessing, and wireless presentations.

  • Teams displays updates: Improved user experience

Teams displays have been updated for a smooth hotdesk experience. New features include a QR code sign-in experience for easier access to personal Teams accounts, improving user productivity. Additionally, the Yealink DeskVision A24 device is now certified for Teams, offering personal or shared space computing as a Microsoft Teams display.

  • Enhancing Teams meeting experiences across different platforms

Teams Room experiences and functionalities will be more consistent across Windows and Android platforms in the coming year with new devices certified for Teams. The Surface Hub 2S is the first touch-enabled board running Teams Rooms on Windows and will enjoy newly released Teams Rooms features.

Another development is the Microsoft device ecosystem platform tailored for shared spaces and optimized for Microsoft Teams devices. The platform, based on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), boosts security, management, and deployment. A unique feature of the platform is offering customizations for various hardware and software support.

  • Improving Teams Rooms user interface experience

A new modern fluid interface is coming to Teams Rooms on Windows. This update features a design refresh, new themes, more intuitive messages, and organization's images and branding on meeting room displays. Similarly, Teams Rooms on Android is getting updates for better user experiences, such as starting ad-hoc meetings, joining meetings by ID, extending room reservations, content and camera streams watermarking, and annotating on shared content.

To wrap it up, to better adapt to the ever-changing landscape of the modern workplace, Teams Rooms maintains an innovative position by offering frequent updates and improvements. Whether the meetings are in-person or virtual, the consistent enhancement in Microsoft Teams Rooms promises a seamless and effective collaboration experience.

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