Improve PDF Experience in Microsoft Teams via Adobe Acrobat
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Oct 20, 2022 8:30 AM

Improve PDF Experience in Microsoft Teams via Adobe Acrobat

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Maximize your productivity with seamless Adobe Acrobat integration in Microsoft Teams for efficient PDF management.

A Better PDF Experience with Microsoft and Adobe

The blog post by Microsoft highlights the new collaboration between Adobe and Microsoft to enhance the PDF experience in collaboration tools. Adobe Acrobat has been incorporated into Teams with the aim of maintaining workflow by bringing the apps, work data, and workflows to the user. The blog further discusses how this integration will improve efficiency, boost security, and cut costs.

This integration implies that Acrobat will be the default app for PDFs in Teams. Users can stay locked in the workflow by securely accessing and collaborating on PDFs directly from the Acrobat viewer in Teams. Real-time collaboration is made possible through sharing, reviewing, comment notifications, and annotations on PDFs. Easy access to PDFs stored in Microsoft SharePoint and OneDrive is also granted.

The IT admin in an organization is responsible for setting Acrobat as the default PDF app through the Teams admin center. This change means that all PDF files from conversations, channels, and files can be opened directly in the Acrobat app within Teams. Although users do not need an Adobe Acrobat subscription or Adobe ID to view PDF files, an Acrobat Standard or Pro account is necessary for using the premium features.

The blog is keen to emphasize security and trust. When users collaborate on PDFs, they are sent to Adobe Document Cloud servers in the user's region for temporary processing, after which they are deleted within 24 hours. All documents remain encrypted during transit and at rest.

Looking ahead, this Adobe integration is part of broader efforts to boost organizational efficiency. Incorporating Adobe tools and services into Microsoft 365 allow users to transact and collaborate faster within their favorite Microsoft apps. Specific inquiries pertaining to the Adobe Acrobat integration are welcome at the provided email address.

Further information regarding the Adobe Acrobat for Teams functionality can be found here.

Expanding on the Topic

This move by Microsoft and Adobe incorporates standard business tools within a joint platform, creating a seamless and more efficient workflow. The goal is to enable the tools to come to the users and not the other way round. The Adobe Acrobat integration within Teams reduces the need to jump between applications, especially for organizations that work majorly with PDFs. This integration reinforces the importance of collaboration in the current digital working environment and how platforms like Teams are continually evolving to provide a better end-user experience.

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Teams - Improve PDF Experience in Microsoft Teams via Adobe Acrobat

Learn about Enhancing PDF Experience in Microsoft Teams with Adobe Acrobat

Improving the PDF experience in Microsoft's Teams with Adobe Acrobat is transformative for businesses. The focus is on enhancing collaboration and boosting convenience through Adobe Acrobat Sign and Adobe Creative Cloud within Teams. Therefore, this deep integration is paving the way to enhanced efficiency, improved security, and cost savings for organizations operating with PDFs via Adobe Acrobat.

Setting Acrobat as the default application for PDFs within Teams keeps employees on task by allowing safe access and collaboration on PDFs directly through Acrobat's viewer. This capability extends to sharing and reviewing PDFs in real-time, comments and annotation, the ability to receive comment alerts, and easy access to SharePoint and OneDrive stored PDFs.

To enable this setting, an organization's IT department must set Acrobat as the default application for PDFs through the Teams admin center. Once set, PDFs will open directly in Acrobat within Teams.

To access and navigate the in-Teams Acrobat app, users don't need an Adobe Acrobat subscription or ID, but for advanced features, an existing Acrobat Standard or Pro account is necessary. For more information on getting started with Adobe Acrobat for Teams, resources and guides are available.

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We understand that safeguarding sensitive information is pivotal to every individual and organization. From a cybersecurity perspective, PDFs collaborated on are sent to Adobe Document Cloud servers in the user's region for temporary processing, and hence, they get deleted within 24 hours. These documents are encrypted during the transit process and while they are in rest.

This integration is not limited to Acrobat and Teams; it's part of a broader partnership with Adobe to enhance efficiency in your organization using Adobe's creative tools and services integrated into Microsoft 365. The aim is to enable everyone to conduct business faster and collaborate more efficiently using their preferred Microsoft 365 applications. Stay tuned for further updates on Microsoft's partnerships with Adobe.

For any queries about Adobe Acrobat and Teams integration, feel free to reach out to Teams and Adobe Acrobat are revolutionizing how we view and collaborate with PDFs in our digital workspace. Brace yourselves for more exciting updates.

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