Viva Learning Platform for Employee Growth
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Sep 11, 2023 6:18 PM

Viva Learning Platform for Employee Growth

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Empower your workforce with Microsoft Viva Learning: curated learning opportunities improve engagement and productivity.

Microsoft's Viva Learning platform has announced new features that enhance the growth and engagement of employees. Recently introduced at the first Viva Summit, these new learning aids aim at improving productivity and facilitating an integrated learning experience in various professional roles. Top discussions include this with Merck's Chief Learning Officer, Johann Laville, and ICF's Chief Information Officer, John George.

Viva Learning's upcoming feature, 'Academies,' are on the verge of being launched. These are specially curated, role-specific learning venues that target employees with a choice of engaging and relevant learning opportunities. Listed as a new tab in Viva's top navigation bar, 'Academies' can be configured by admins, knowledge admins, and managers to enhance the learning path and provide better access and organization to the users.

Viva Learning will also make their employee learning API and course activity API publicly available. These APIs will provide any learning system the ability to converge with the Viva Learning platform. Similarly, the Viva Learning web endpoint, another feature soon to be launched, users can access the platform directly from their browser, which will offer the same features as does Viva's Teams app.

A newly introduced Viva Learning Community is a platform where users can have access to expert-curated content, engage with professionals, and use it as a discussion forum.

Delving Into Microsoft's Viva Learning Platform

The introduction of 'Academies' aims at creating a focused learning environment for different teams. These platforms can be customized as per the team's requirements, like a 'Finance Academy' for the finance team or a 'Sales Academy' for the sales team. These academies are anticipated to be a great tool for optimized and accessible learning flow.

API integrations will make Viva Learning's platform more versatile and accessible, letting users manipulate content from their learning management system (LMS) or learning provider. This aligns with Microsoft's goal of extending their service to support continuous learning in organizations, ultimately empowering individual employees to grow.


Read the full article Enhancing Employee Growth with Viva Learning Platform - Maximize Productivity

Learn about Enhancing Employee Growth with Viva Learning Platform - Maximize Productivity

In a recent update from the Microsoft Viva Summit, the company enlightens about the advanced features and engagement opportunities associated with Microsoft Viva Learning. It also introduces ‘Academies,’ a new addition to the platform which enhances organization's ability to curate specific, highly engaging learning resources, targeted towards varying roles and lines of business.

  • ‘Academies’ represent a new aspect of organizing and delivering learning resources within Viva Learning.
  • They show up as a new tab in the top navigation bar and are configurable by admins, knowledge admins, and knowledge managers.
  • Admins can provide access permissions to academies via Microsoft 365 groups. For example, one may create a Finance Academy just for the finance team, a Sales Academy for the sales team, and a Culture Academy for everybody.
  • Individuals can have access to multiple academies and can navigate between them via a drop-down selection.
  • ‘Academies’ are expected to be generally available by mid-2023.

The blog also announced the availability of new updates related to the publicly available Microsoft Graph APIs which lead to easier integration of any learning system with Viva Learning.

  • The company released its employee learning API, which makes content from a learning management system or other learning providers available in Viva Learning.

Overall, these updates aim to make learning resources more easily accessible, efficiently curated, and readily available within the flow of everyday work process.


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