Microsoft 365 Guide: Optimizing Enhanced Video Streaming
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Sep 30, 2023 7:33 AM

Microsoft 365 Guide: Optimizing Enhanced Video Streaming

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Maximize your Microsoft 365 video streaming with our guide: elevate content with enhanced playback, advanced search, and professional video creation.

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The blog mentions advanced video streaming optimization in Microsoft 365. Microsoft Stream on SharePoint and Teams offers new features to enhance video playback, content searchability within videos, and professional video creation abilities.

Microsoft is revising the Stream web part, enabling SharePoint to display single and multiple videos on intranet pages. This upgraded feature is accompanied by new video-centric templates that make video content more appealing.

New features such as transcripts, search, chapters, closed captions, and variable speed playback will ensure that video content is more engaging and accessible. These additions will be scattered within the upcoming months.

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The current platform redirects you to the Stream web app when you open a video, which allows for enhanced playback, including transcripts, captions, chapters, sharing, background noise suppression, variable speed playback, and analytics. Soon, it will provide new functionalities, such as uploading videos to add transcripts and share the videos across the 365 suite.

You would also be able to store and favorite videos. These features provide the user control over video storage and quick access to essential content. All these enhancements are expected to be live by June.

Microsoft Stream enables you to record a video of yourself or your screen seamlessly. To enhance the video quality with a professional touch, new tools are being introduced such as custom backdrops, text, filters, stickers, inking, and teleprompter.

Improvements to video playback are also in progress to reduce buffering and video load time, thereby offering smoother viewing experiences on low-bandwidth connections.

Among other functions, the addition of automatic transcript generation brings productivity to the workflow and ensures accessibility. These transcripts would be generated on-demand for Stream videos and automatically for meeting recordings.

New features include transcript search, presenting people in transcripts, the option to move captions, and downloading the transcript in .docx file format. Starting June, these features would be rolled out.

To help IT admins in content migration from the classic version of Stream to the new one, a migration tool is also introduced.

  • These refreshed features of Stream on SharePoint aids in bettering the process of creating, sharing, and using videos across Microsoft 365.
  • The development team is open to feedback and also invites users to their customer connections office hours.

This is a product of Microsoft’s ongoing efforts to enhance the user experience and functionality of its suite of products, with a particular focus on video creation and sharing capabilities.

The changes listed in the blog post will significantly enhance user interaction and engagement with video content on the platform, enabling better productivity and easy maneuvering.

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Microsoft 365 Admin Center - Microsoft 365 Guide: Optimizing Enhanced Video Streaming

Learn about Enhanced Video Streaming Optimization in Microsoft 365 Guide

The emerging technology of advanced video streaming optimization in Microsoft 365 Stream continues to be a game-changer for many organizations today. Many users at work are now utilizing this functionality for different purposes like collaborating and building relationships, learning at their pace, and participating in Teams meeting recordings. Microsoft is accordingly updating Stream consistently to make it easier to find key content within videos while ensuring professional quality.

Microsoft SharePoint is enhancing its video content creation capabilities with new creator updates. These new features will allow videos to shine better than ever on intranet pages. Stream now provides inline playback for single and multiple videos on SharePoint pages, which makes video-centric content easily accessible. New video templates are also in the pipeline to make your video content take the limelight and captivate your audience.

Microsoft has made it hassle-free to publish impressive video pages that engage. With closed captions, search, chapters, variable speed playback, and transcripts, your video content will be leveled up significantly. These capabilities are set to be rolled out in phases in the coming months, giving you the tools you need for creating compelling experiences for viewers.

When opening a video in Microsoft 365, you are redirected to the Stream web app for viewing. This app ensures enhanced playback along with transcripts, captions, chapters, sharing, background noise suppression, variable speed playback, and analytics. Anticipated new capabilities will soon let you upload videos, make them easily shareable across Microsoft 365 on platforms like Yammer or SharePoint, pick storage location for newly created videos, and 'favorite' a video for repeated viewing.

With the Stream app, you can record a video version of yourself, or your screen, directly from The app is often used to record and share training videos, how-to guides, product demonstrations, and project updates. To enhance your video creation, new tools have been added right into the recording workflow. Custom backdrops have been made available to facilitate screen replacement with a new backdrop or an image of your choosing. This enables viewers to concurrently see you and the information discussed during video recording.

Stream makes videos more engaging and appealing by allowing the addition of text, filters, stickers, and drawings. A Stream teleprompter boosts your confidence when speaking and reduces the number of retakes in the video creation process. The aim is to maintain eye contact with viewers and ensure smooth delivery. Additionally, recent improvements to video playback contribute to reduced buffering and video load times, which means less waiting for videos to play and fewer pauses during playback on low-bandwidth connections.

Robust auto transcript generation will be enabled to make videos accessible for all viewers and provide a quick way to find information. Transcript search will allow search for keywords within the material. The search results in the transcript will trigger the video to start playing at the relevant point, facilitating faster access to required data. These user-friendly improvements will make it easier to find, use, and consume information contained in a video.

To allow organizations to switch their content from Stream (Classic) to Stream (on SharePoint) due to the impending deprecation of Stream (Classic), Microsoft has added new capabilities to the migration tool. Admins can now scan all Stream (Classic) content and selectively migrate videos based on publish date, last viewed date, number of views, and content type (e.g., 'Teams meeting Recording,' 'Live event,' and 'Video on demand'). This saves time and preserves SharePoint storage space, resulting in overall efficiency.

In conclusion, the new Stream (on SharePoint) features aim to help users better create, share and use video across the MS 365 platform. Microsoft Stream is consistently receiving improvements to meet the growing needs of users for sophisticated and professional video generation and sharing.

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