New Desktop Flow Activity Boosts RPA Automations Efficiency
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Sep 28, 2023 7:25 AM

New Desktop Flow Activity Boosts RPA Automations Efficiency

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Boost RPA capabilities on Power Automate with intuitive monitoring via new Desktop Flow Activity - Now available!

Enhancements to RPA Automations with the New Desktop Flow Activity

The revolutionary Desktop flow activity is now widely accessible, signaling a new era in Power Automate RPA. You can now monitor your desktop flows automations instantaneously. Three new views, namely “Last runs”, “Machines”, and “Current runs”, help in bolstering control and orchestration of your automations.

The 'Last runs' section offers graphs and tables that present crucial insights into your automation runs. It helps keep track of the number of runs, the error percentage, and the different run modes. Moreover, one remarkable feature is the ability to filter the data as per your requirements – by date, desktop flow, machine, etc. The data can then be handled much more efficiently.

In an event of potential issues, you can directly access the "desktop flows", "machines", and "runs" page from the Desktop flow activity, ensuring quick troubleshooting. The 'Machines' section facilitates the monitoring of your machines and machine groups, displaying their connection statuses, installed desktop versions, and more.

The 'Current runs' segment lets you oversee active desktop flows while providing useful data on running and queued desktop flows. This real-time automation monitoring platform also integrates with the Power BI desktop application, offering a downloadable template to help users monitor the former's activity.

The run details page has undergone significant enhancements for improved troubleshooting. Along with providing all the relevant details of a run, it also offers a step-by-step timeline of a run from start to finish. This feature helps users comprehend issues at any step and promptly address them. Further, with the 'Action Details' card, identifying the action that requires attention becomes much simpler.

Desktop Flow Activity: The New Age Automated Workflow Solution

Desktop Flow Activity spearheads automation with enhanced monitoring and troubleshooting features. This Microsoft tool brings an innovative approach to overseeing simultaneous automation runs, data evaluation, and identification of potential issues. With constant improvements and customer feedback integration, Desktop Flow Activity continues to be an integral part in evolving businesses towards automated success.

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Power Automate RPA - New Desktop Flow Activity Boosts RPA Automations Efficiency

Learn about Enhance RPA Automations with New Desktop Flow Activity Now Available

The latest news in the realm of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) pertains to Microsoft's Desktop Flow Activity available in Power Automate RPA system. It allows users to supervise their desktop flow automation in real-time, further empowering them with efficient RPA operations.

Desktop Flow Activity introduces three new functions: "Last runs", "Machines", and "Current runs". These elements provide a higher degree of control over automations, serving as key features in monitoring and managing these processes.

The "Last runs" pivot grants users access to charts and statistics visualizing the performance metrics of the desktop flows' runs. This spans the number of runs, error rates, and the execution modes. It incorporates filters for focused data abstraction suitable for effective utilization. Users are thereby enabled to isolate and manage a specified data subset effortlessly. The desktop flows or the machines and runs page can be accessed from this function for rapid troubleshooting.

The "Machines" section is crafted to supervise machines and machine groups. The pivot tables in this section display data on machine counts, connection status, and automation software versions installed on the machines. It also comprises lists of machines and machine groups.

The "Current runs" function gives an overview of activated desktop flows' runs, with pivot tables showing the count of running and queued desktop flows. It also carries lists of active and queued desktop flows.

  • Power Automate RPA enables users to track their desktop flow activity using the Power BI desktop application. This blueprint extracts the data and charts from the activity page to this application.
  • Significant amendments have been made to the run details page of a desktop flow. This enhancement allows insight into the specifics of a run, such as parent flow or machine details, run mode, status, and duration. The details can be accessed directly from a card.
  • The run status comprises a new timeline detailing the steps of a run, making it easier to identify and resolve possible issues.
  • The action details card now has the action index applied in the automation software system, aiding in identification of any action that may need attention.

Feel free to take part in our automation software community to raise any queries or provide feedback. Get started with our automation software for desktop by surfing through our documentation, sign up for a free trial, and download it directly for your desktop.

With these new features in the Desktop Flow Activity, the automation software enhances the real-time monitoring of desktop flows. This makes it more powerful, efficient, and controlling for the users, thereby enabling a seamless automation experience.

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