Boost LinkedIn Credibility using Microsoft Entra Verified ID
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Sep 29, 2023 4:34 PM

Boost LinkedIn Credibility using Microsoft Entra Verified ID

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Boost your LinkedIn credibility with free identity verification through Microsofts Entra Verified ID platform.

Understanding LinkedIn's Integration with Microsoft’s Credential Verification Platform

Microsoft's social network LinkedIn is launching a cost-free identity verification system designed for bolstering user credibility on the site. The verification options encompass the use of CLEAR for identity validation, worker authentication through an email code, and the company's credential verification system, momentarily mentioned hereinbefore, for obtaining workplace digital IDs without any extra expenditure.

No need to pay to feature verifications on your LinkedIn user profile exists. You will get your employer validated simply by deploying a business-issued email code or through this company's premier credential validation solution if your company currently employs it.

If it's necessary to validate your own identity, LinkedIn has partnered with CLEAR for a secure personal profile confirmation. Using the CLEAR option will permit you to exhibit the verification of your individual identity on your LinkedIn user profile, owing to a Government-issued U.S. ID-card and a home-based phone number from the same region.

Your work email verification on LinkedIn bears a unique display. Your LinkedIn profile will be distinguished with verifications adorned with green and blue check marks. However, no badges, visible alongside a user's name throughout the site, are planned currently.

Verification through a corporation's email channel is now open to all LinkedIn users, subject to their employment with more than 4,000 LinkedIn-approved companies. This well-known software company's worker validation is scheduled for rollout by April's end to an introductory pool of 2 million LinkedIn affiliates.

The necessity for remote digital certification of qualifications has rooted itself with the increased development of cloud technology. Hiring processes have largely shifted to be remote over the recent years, due to the pandemic. This tech giant has developed its own digital identity verification platform, now engaged by LinkedIn, based on open standards and interfacing with a plethora of HR and identity solutions.

"Digital authenticity has become paramount," declares Alex Weinert, Microsoft’s ID security VP. In a recent discussion with The Verge, he affirms that fraudulent misrepresentation is on the rise and underscores the need for certification of the professional affiliations claimed by online profiles. Guarantees that you can trust any professional representative from a particular organization have become essential, Weinert explains.

But the implications of Microsoft’s digital ID verification solution transcend mere LinkedIn features. Such verification tokens, validating the holder's professional background, could be utilized for background audits, loan applications, rewards programs, among other use cases. With this verification system, job onboarding periods are expressedly reduced; and one can leverage their skills and qualifications verification across multiple roles of varied organizations, with the hope of reducing the stressful security checks during initial hires.

This solution operates based on a decentralized identity and trust model, involving an issuer, an identity holder, and a verifying authority. Corporations can create encrypted digital identity cards. The employees can then utilize these badge to confirm their employment for obtaining job benefits, or for loan approval purposes. This company aims to stretch this certification system's reach to other areas where verification and trust are considered cardinal.

"This is just the inception," indicates Joy Chik, Microsoft's identity and network access division's president. Chik adds that verified ID credentials can enhance trust, authenticity, verifiability and cut back on time, cost and friction in many scenarios.

Want to learn more about the Microsoft credential verification solution? You can find further details here.

  • Microsoft's LinkedIn is introducing a complimentary, inclusive identity verification system
  • User identifications can be verified either by using CLEAR or the renowned credential verification platform
  • This well-known software firm's proprietary identity verification tool will roll out to 2 million LinkedIn associates at first
  • As the remote work trend rises due to the pandemic, this innovative solution enables remote, digital verification of professional credentials
  • Apart from LinkedIn, these verified ID tokens can be used for multiple use-cases, including background checks, loan applications, and rewards enrolments, among others

This epoch will see a paradigm shift in digital identity verification, thanks to platforms like LinkedIn and big tech's relentless endeavors to innovate. As digital identities gain ever-increasing importance, revolutionary solutions for authenticating these identities and ensuring trust within professional circles is crucial. Let's be ready for that future.

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Microsoft Entra - Boost LinkedIn Credibility using Microsoft Entra Verified ID

Learn about Enhance LinkedIn Profile with Microsoft Entra Verified ID for Credibility

LinkedIn, which is owned by Microsoft, has introduced a cost-free verification system that lets users validate their identity and employment status. This initiative allows for options such as workplace authentication via company email, and Microsoft's own Entra verified identification platform allows users to procure digital IDs at zero cost. The system is quite different from what's commonly seen on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, where such certifications could be paid for.

One could confirm their workplace with ease utilizing either organizational emails or the Entra platform from Microsoft. If users wish to validate their personal identities, LinkedIn has partnered with CLEAR for a secure process. This implies that once an individual uses CLEAR, their profile on LinkedIn will indicate that their identity has been validated.

The company even aids in distinguishing verifications by utilizing blue and green checks. It’s notable that LinkedIn has refrained from offering a badge that would persistently appear next to the user’s name everywhere on LinkedIn.

Currently, email verification through the company is available to all LinkedIn users, assuming they are employed with more than 4,000 supported organizations. The system from Microsoft is scheduled to roll out towards the end of April, initially reaching about two million members of LinkedIn.

The need for online verification has become prominent in recent times owing to the shift to remote hiring amid the pandemic. Microsoft has developed its own verification system, the Entra Verified ID system, which is utilized by LinkedIn. The system aligns with open standards, enabling use across different HR and identity systems.

The use of the Entra identification system isn't confined to LinkedIn. This digital verified ID could be employed for availing various services such as background checks, loan applications, loyalty programs, and more. This could expedite the hiring process with the ability to confirm skills and qualifications and use it across multiple companies and positions. This could spare the rigorous security check usually conducted when you first join a company.

This system is supported by a decentralized identification system and a trust model that includes an issuer, a holder, and a verifier. Companies are able to issue cryptographically signed digital IDs which employees can then use to verify their employment status.

Microsoft’s vision for this system is to extend it to further scenarios where authentication and trust are essential. We are still at the inception of this innovative approach to identity confirmation.

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