Enabling Drillthrough with Power BI On-Object Editing
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May 25, 2023 1:41 PM

Enabling Drillthrough with Power BI On-Object Editing

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Using the new On-Object editing in Power BI Desktop? Have you figured out how to enable drillthrough yet? Adam has and is here to show you the clicks!

“Using the new On-Object editing in Power BI Desktop? Have you figured out how to enable drillthrough yet? Adam has and is here to show you the clicks!”

Enabling drillthrough with Power BI On-Object Editing allows users to view more detailed information related to an object, such as a chart or graph, by drilling down into the object. It can be used to provide more in-depth analysis by allowing users to view specific data points and relationships within an object. For example, a user can view the sales performance of a specific product by drilling down into a chart. This feature is available in Power BI On-Object Editing, which is a set of tools that allow users to customize their Power BI visuals. With Power BI On-Object Editing, users can customize the look and feel of their visuals as well as add or remove elements from them. By enabling drillthrough, users can get even more out of their Power BI visuals.

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What is drillthrough in Power BI?

Drillthrough in Power BI is a powerful feature that allows users to create a focused report page for a specific category or scope. A drillthrough page offers detailed information about a specific field or aspect of your data.

The way it works is simple: suppose you have a summary page that contains an overview of your data. For instance, if you have a retail business, the summary page might show total sales, number of transactions, and average sales per transaction. Each of these high-level metrics could have underlying detailed data.

Now, if you want to see a more detailed breakdown for any of these categories, say, total sales, you would create a drillthrough page. This drillthrough page could show total sales broken down by region, store, or product category, or even further details like individual transactions.

To use the drillthrough feature, you would set up drillthrough filters in your Power BI report. These filters are linked to fields on your summary page, allowing users to right-click (or tap, on mobile devices) a data point (like total sales for a particular product) and then choose a drillthrough option that leads them to the corresponding detailed report page.

In summary, drillthrough in Power BI provides a way for users to navigate from a summary view of their data to a more detailed view, offering valuable insights into specific aspects of their data. It’s a particularly useful feature for creating interactive, dynamic reports that cater to a wide range of analysis needs.

Sep 3, 2018 — Drill-through is one of the most common reporting actions that enable you to save some space on the master page, and add more details in a ...