Easy SharePoint Video Embedding in Lists: Guide
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May 7, 2024 6:53 PM

Easy SharePoint Video Embedding in Lists: Guide

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Revolutionize SharePoint Lists with Video Embeds via JSON Hack! Dive in now.

Key insights


  • Embedding videos in SharePoint lists has been simplified with an innovative hack.
  • Online courses on List/Library Formatting with JSON are available for deeper understanding.
  • SharePoint Online is enhanced with JSON formatting, allowing videos to be more interactive within lists.
  • Additional resources and professional services can be engaged for further assistance.
  • Relevant articles, such as Tetsuya Kawahara's on JSON, provide extra insights into this topic.


Exploring JSON Formatting in SharePoint Online

SharePoint Online stands out as an essential tool for businesses, facilitating document management and collaboration. The platform's versatility is further amplified through JSON formatting, a method that significantly enhances the usability and interactivity of lists and libraries. This is particularly evident in embedding videos directly into SharePoint lists, a task that previously may have required more complex steps or additional tools. The availability of online courses on JSON formatting opens up an avenue for users to deepen their understanding and skills, making it easier to apply this feature in real-world scenarios.

Executive Summary: Enhancing SharePoint Lists with Video Embeds

Steve Corey introduces a powerful technique for embedding videos directly into SharePoint lists, utilizing JSON formatting to bring dynamic content into the data organization. This innovative approach maximizes the video capabilities within SharePoint Online, offering users a more interactive and engaging way to interact with content. The goal of this hack is to make video integration seamless and efficient for SharePoint administrators and users alike.

Introduction to Video Embedding in SharePoint

SharePoint Online provides robust video features, enabling organizations to leverage multimedia content. However, by employing a JSON formatting solution, SharePoint users can enhance their data presentation. Steve Corey's tutorial promises a straightforward method for integrating videos into SharePoint lists, transforming how data and instructional content are delivered.

JSON Formatting: The Core of Video Integration

At the center of this video embedding technique is JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) formatting. This method facilitates a direct and developer-friendly way to customize how items in SharePoint lists and libraries are displayed. The tutorial provided by Steve Corey focuses on simplifying the JSON scripting process, making it accessible even to those with limited coding experience.

Accessibility and User Engagement

Embedding videos directly into SharePoint lists not only improves the aesthetics but also enhances the user experience by providing immediate access to multimedia resources. This approach can significantly benefit training materials, project documentation, and company announcements, encouraging higher engagement and interaction from the team.

Steve Corey's instructional content, including the dedicated online course on List/Library Formatting with JSON, provides a comprehensive resource for users looking to employ this technique. The video emphasizes the ease of implementation, urging SharePoint Online administrators to adopt this method to enrich their data visualization and content delivery strategies.

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SharePoint Online - Easy SharePoint Video Embedding in Lists: Guide


People also ask

Can you add a video to a SharePoint list?

Indeed, incorporating media elements into a classic SharePoint page, be it video, audio, or images, is possible. Users have the option to source these media files from their personal devices, directly from SharePoint, or external platforms like file shares. Additionally, it’s feasible to embed videos hosted on popular video-sharing sites including but not limited to YouTube, Vimeo, and Hulu.

How do I get the embed code for a video in SharePoint?

To begin, it's essential to obtain the video's embed code.

Can videos be stored in SharePoint?

SharePoint offers a specialized Asset Library app, designed with pre-configured settings to adeptly manage various rich media assets, encompassing images, audio files, and videos.

How do I publish a video in SharePoint?

Publishing a video on SharePoint involves uploading the desired video content to Stream (available within SharePoint). This can be achieved by clicking the Upload button and selecting the appropriate video file from your computer. Alternatively, the platform supports dragging and dropping the video file directly onto the Stream (on SharePoint) page for a seamless upload experience.



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