How to Embed Microsoft Stream Videos in Power Apps
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Jun 24, 2024 11:00 PM

How to Embed Microsoft Stream Videos in Power Apps

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Learn to Embed Microsoft Stream Videos in Power Apps & Enhance User Experience!

Key insights


  • Learn to embed Microsoft Stream videos in your Power Apps canvas app using a new Stream control linked to SharePoint.
  • Understand the process of correctly using the Stream URL property to enhance functionality in your apps.
  • Build a comprehensive video gallery connected to a SharePoint library, using Power Automate to dynamically generate Stream video IDs.
  • Introduction of essential features like the new Stream control and methods for proper implementation within Power Apps.
  • Create a full video hub experience in Power Apps, emphasizing the seamless integration of video content using Stream and SharePoint technologies.

Embedding videos within Power Apps using Microsoft Stream and SharePoint enhances app interactivity and user experience. This integration allows users to directly embed Microsoft Stream videos into their applications via a user-friendly Stream control. Specific steps, like using the Stream URL property accurately, are essential for effective implementation.

Additionally, the tutorial covers the creation of a video gallery linked to SharePoint, where video IDs are managed through Power Automate. This functionality not only simplifies the process of embedding but also ensures a dynamic interaction within the app. The guide concludes by showcasing a video hub solution, underscoring the broader capabilities of Power Apps in handling rich media content effectively.

Further Exploration of Microsoft Stream with Power Apps

Microsoft Stream on SharePoint offers robust options to Power Apps users aiming to enrich their canvas apps with video content. Embedding videos directly into the apps can significantly enhance user engagement and provide a more interactive experience.

The inclusion of a Stream control within Power Apps simplifies the integration process and allows for smoother user interaction with video content. This control requires only the unique ID of the video from Microsoft Stream, making it both efficient and straightforward to use.

Creating an organized video gallery connected to a SharePoint library adds structure and accessibility, enabling users to navigate and manage videos easily. Alongside this, employing Power Automate for generating dynamic Stream video IDs ensures that the video content remains adaptable and up-to-date within the app.

By constructing a central video hub within Power Apps, developers can centralize their media resources, making them more accessible and streamlined for users. This hub serves as a focal point for all video interactions within the app, fostering an environment where content is readily available and efficiently managed.

Overall, the integration of Microsoft Stream and SharePoint with Power Apps represents a substantial forward leap in app development, driving towards more multimedia-rich applications and enhancing the digital workspace with more dynamic and responsive solutions.


Power Apps Video Integration

Integrating video content into apps is becoming an indispensable feature, enhancing user engagement and providing dynamic content directly within the app. Microsoft's Power Apps provides a robust platform for such integrations, offering tools like the Stream video control that simplify the inclusion of video content.

By using Power Apps, developers can not only embed video but also manage it efficiently through connections to SharePoint libraries and automation via Power Automate. This kind of integration facilitates a richer app experience, offering users not just static content but also interactive media.

These capabilities are part of a broader trend where apps are increasingly multimedia-oriented, requiring developers to adopt new tools and techniques. Power Apps is equipped with features that support this shift, making it a valuable tool for developers looking to enhance their applications with video content.

The insights provided by experts like Reza Dorrani through tutorials are invaluable for both novice and experienced developers. They offer a clear path to mastering new features and applying them effectively in app development projects.

Overall, integrating video into apps like those developed in Power Apps not only boosts user engagement but also provides a more interactive and informative user experience. This integration is indicative of the ever-evolving capabilities of modern app development platforms, adapting to the needs of both developers and end-users alike.


Power Apps - How to Embed Microsoft Stream Videos in Power Apps


People also ask

"How do I embed a Microsoft Stream video in Powerapp?"

Answer: "Incorporate Stream control into your application."

"How do I embed a Microsoft Microsoft Stream video in SharePoint?"

Answer: "In this scenario, once you select the option to embed a Stream video, a webpart will open at the bottom of your interface, displaying the embedding settings."

"How do I show videos on power apps?"

Answer: "To display videos in Power Apps, navigate through the File menu to 'Media', then 'Videos' or 'Audio', and select 'Browse'. From here, locate the video or audio file you wish to use, select it, and then click 'Open'."

"How do I download Microsoft Stream video from SharePoint?"

Answer: "If you have ownership or editing permissions for a video or audio file, you can download it as follows: Access the file via the Microsoft Stream Web App, and click on 'Download'. Alternatively, locate the file in OneDrive or SharePoint, select it, and click 'Download'."



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