Create Professional Docs Easily With OneDrive Templates
Apr 19, 2024 11:00 AM

Create Professional Docs Easily With OneDrive Templates

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Unlock Creativity with OneDrive Online: Design Effortlessly Using Templates & Customize File Storage!

Key insights


  • OneDrive for the web offers the ability to create new files from templates.
  • Users have the option to utilize company templates for file creation.
  • There's flexibility in choosing file storage locations within OneDrive.


OneDrive Online Templates for Document Design

OneDrive Online has progressed to become an invaluable tool for users looking to streamline their document creation process. With its latest feature, users can now effortlessly design documents through a wide-ranging selection of templates. This functionality not only speeds up the creation of new documents but also ensures consistency and professionalism across all documents created within an organization.

The introduction of templates into OneDrive for the web marks a significant improvement in how users can initiate document creation. By offering a variety of templates, OneDrive enables users to jumpstart their projects without needing to start from scratch. Whether it’s for personal use or within a corporate setting, the ability to use company-specific templates further enhances document uniformity and branding.

Additionally, OneDrive's flexibility in file storage location selection streamlines the organization and accessibility of documents. By allowing users to choose where they store their newly created files, OneDrive supports better file management practices. This feature, combined with the ease of template use, positions OneDrive for the web as a powerful tool for users who value efficiency, consistency, and organization in their document creation workflow.


Ami Diamond [MVP], an expert in digital solutions, highlights an innovative feature in OneDrive for web users. This feature allows for the effortless creation of documents through the use of templates. The provision is aimed at enhancing user experience by simplifying the document creation process.

OneDrive Online empowers its users by offering a range of template options for new files. This functionality not only includes the typical templates provided by OneDrive but also allows for the use of company-specific templates. Such versatility ensures that users have access to a vast array of templates suitable for various purposes and occasions.

OneDrive - Create Professional Docs Easily With OneDrive Templates


People also ask

How can you create a document using a predefined template?

Creation of a document utilizing a predefined template can be accomplished directly by leveraging the Document Template feature. This approach ensures efficiency and adherence to standardized formats.

Can I use Templates in Word Online?

Indeed, in the case that you have crafted a custom template in the desktop version of Word, it's feasible to employ this template within Word for the web. To achieve this, you must initially save your custom template as a .docx file on OneDrive. This is most conveniently done by initiating the process in the desktop iteration of Word, creating a document influenced by your custom template.

Does Office 365 have Templates?

Yes, Office 365 retains the customized templates previously created in earlier versions. Although these custom templates persist within the system, Office 365's default settings do not display them automatically. When you initiate an Office application, the visible templates are those provided by the Office 365 suite itself.

Which Microsoft offers a wide variety of options to design documents?

Microsoft Word stands out as an enormously versatile tool for document design, offering an extensive range of designing options. Users are not only limited to conventional document designs but also have the flexibility to incorporate images and generate content beyond standard page constraints. This includes producing unique formats such as mailing labels, trifold brochures, greeting cards, business cards, certificates, and signage, thereby fostering creative freedom in document creation.



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