Answers in Viva: Understanding Time Saved & People Helped
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Sep 11, 2023 6:18 PM

Answers in Viva: Understanding Time Saved & People Helped

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Unveiling the impact of Microsofts Viva: Optimizing knowledge sharing through efficient Q&A experiences and enhancing productivity.

The blog provides an overview of a recent feature unveiled in Microsoft Viva, namely "Answers in Viva", dedicated to assisting knowledge sharing within an organization. This platform aims to quantify the value of Q&A pairs and the corresponding time saved thereby. The blog post further elaborates on how the evaluation and measurement play out both at the individual and the global level within the organization.

Every Q&A pair has the attributed value of 15 minutes, assuming it takes 5 minutes to ask and 10 minutes to furnish an answer. This model offers a conservative way to measure the value derived from this feature, which doesn't account for the extra time one might spend collecting the information needed to answer the question. However, the benefit of a knowledge seeker finding a pre-existing answer to their question is quantifiable - they save up to 15 minutes by not re-asking the same question or waiting for a response.

  • The 'Meaningful View' metric ensures that all question views should not be considered successful time savers. A 'Meaningful View' is when the seeker finds precisely what they were looking for, and is measured only on questions that have at least one answer. The two-fold criteria used to determine if a view is 'meaningful' are: spending at least 15 seconds viewing the Q&A (filtering out an average of 70% of total views), and an active engagement like voting, reacting, or commenting.

  • 'Time saved', a concept derived from Yammer analysis, is based on the notion that each Q&A pair saves a total of 15 minutes. This unique attribute applies when a user views a question and an answer for the first time.

  • 'People Helped', on the other hand, is assessed based on the unique users who perform a 'meaningful view' on a Q&A pair. Each knowledge seeker is only counted once per Q&A pair.

A working example is also given to illustrate how a Q&A session contributes the corresponding analytics. The blog post ends with mention of future iterations to enhance meaningful views.

Deeper Insight on Microsoft Viva's New Feature

The 'Answers in Viva' feature significantly enhances the knowledge sharing culture within an organization. This platform not only helps ease the process of asking and answering queries but also efficiently measures the value derived from it.

Essentially, it achieves efficiency by helping users save time and avoid repetitive questions and responses. Interestingly, this platform extends beyond being a mere question and answer feature by embodying a comprehensive feedback mechanism that incorporates 'Meaningful Views', 'Time Saved', and 'People Helped'.

Most importantly, the feature motivates employees to engage and contribute to the Q&A sessions by quantifying their inputs and directly reflecting this in terms of people helped. Overall, the 'Answers in Viva' feature promises to bring about more quantifiable and quality-based collaboration to Microsoft Viva platform users.

Read the full article Efficiency Overview: Evaluating Time Saved & People Assisted with Viva

Learn about Efficiency Overview: Evaluating Time Saved & People Assisted with Viva


In a recent development in Microsoft's Viva suite, a novel facility called Answers in Viva was launched to help users find answers to their queries, thus envisaging an effective knowledge-sharing culture within an organization. The blog focuses on estimating the worth and effect of Answers in Viva through timesaved and social impact metrics.

  • The Q&A Analysis: In 2019, Viva Engage (earlier Yammer) introduced a new question post type for better knowledge capture. Based on the analysis, it takes an average of 5 minutes to ask a question and about 10 minutes to respond; henceforth, a Q&A pair claims 15 minutes of value. This is a conservative perspective not taking into account the time spent by the answerer gathering the necessary resources and information. Thus, the benefit a knowledge-seeker can gain by finding an existing answer to their question is saving a total of 15 minutes.
  • Meaningful View: These are instances when a knowledge-seeker finds the required data. Significant views are measured only on the questions that have at least one answer. A meaningful view can be determined if the Q&A is viewed for at least 15 seconds and engages with a vote, reaction, or comment. Also, meaningful question views can happen across Answers in Viva—when questions are more read in a feed or when users visit a full question page.

However, not all views should be considered as timesavers, hence the concept of meaningful views. Meaningful views are defined by two criteria – viewing the Q&As for at least 15 seconds and participating in active engagement such as voting, reactions, or comments.

To plunge into details of this topic, the readers can follow Microsoft's Viva blog and engage in relevant training courses. In addition, regular interactions with Viva Engage can also provide practical knowledge about the topic.


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