Manage Local Admin Passwords via Microsoft Intune
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Sep 30, 2023 7:23 AM

Manage Local Admin Passwords via Microsoft Intune

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Unlock the power of Microsoft Intune with our expert guide on managing Local Admin Passwords effectively, ensuring optimal security.

The blog post that we are examining is entitled "Effective Management of Local Admin Passwords with Microsoft Intune Guide" written by Microsoft. This blog post delves deep into the usage and benefits of Microsoft Intune for managing local admin passwords.

Admin passwords entirely govern the control of IT systems and its data integrity. As such, robust and effective management of these passwords, a critical aspect of IT infrastructure, is crucial. This management is made straightforward byMicrosoft's Intune, which optimizes handling these sensitive pieces of information swiftly and securely.

Microsoft's Intune, is a remarkable solution that assists both IT admin and end-users. It offers features like making it easy to create, update, or reset the password. More information about Intune and its applications can be found here.

Handling Admin Passwords: the Significance

Admin passwords are a crucial part of an organization’s IT infrastructure, playing a substantial role in data security. It is necessary to manage these passwords adeptly for maintaining data integrity. Here, Microsoft's management solution makes interesting headway, introducing an efficient system for password handling. It eases the process for IT administrators, while also ensuring the security and safekeeping of these sensitive credentials.

The cloud-based management service helps IT professionals to manage all passwords from a centralized location, improving efficiency and simplifying the process. This, in turn, ensures more effective security measures, making password managing task effortless for the users.

Updated features provide tools for creating, updating, or resetting passwords, making it possible for both IT administrators and end-users to have an easier interaction with these secure credentials. This piece of software thus evolves as a comprehensive solution in managing administrative passwords in the modern, dynamic world of IT infrastructure.

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Intune - Guide to Manage Local Admin Passwords via Microsoft Intune

Learn about Effective Management of Local Admin Passwords with Microsoft Intune Guide

Managing Local Admin passwords is a significant part of governance for IT departments, usually made simpler with the use of specialized software like Microsoft's Intune platform. As technology evolves, so do these software solutions. A popular technique is Microsoft's Local Administrator Password Solution (LAPS), which has recently seen updates, especially significant for users managing Windows 10/11 deployments. These advancements are the focus of today's discussion.

This blog post presents the core purposes and uses of the LAPS, including the policy configuration, how you can get access to local administrator passwords, and manually trigger password rotations. As technology evolves, prerequisites for the tools might change, so it's always a good idea to check the official online documentation first.

To make management even more smooth, Azure AD stands as a significant block. It's possible to activate the local administrator password feature on the tenant level by navigating to the Azure AD portal, Devices node, Device settings view. Once the feature is enabled at the tenant level, you can proceed to create policies.

Creating local admin password policies is a straightforward process. This can be achieved through the 'Endpoint Security Node,' 'Account Protection view'. Clicking the 'Create Policy' button will lay out policy creation steps.

Once you configure the platform and the policy type for your solution, decide the policy name and add a description for easy understanding. You can define the directory service to save the resulting local admin password and the number of characters the password should contain as well as their complexity. There are numerous options available for password complexity, such as using large letters, small letters, numbers, and special characters.

Next comes key step in any device configuration process: deciding the devices on which the policy will be applied. You can monitor this process using the capabilities of Intune.

With the measures above, Windows LAPS policy would have successfully been created and applied to your desired endpoint. Once done, a random local administrator password is generated for the device and is stored as an attribute accessible through Azure AD or Microsoft Endpoint Manager.

Despite having the policy applied and created with suitable settings, certain user rights need to be granted in Azure AD for anyone wanting to access local admin passwords. Microsoft Endpoint Manager or Azure AD can then be used to see the details of the managed identity and also get the current local administrator password for the endpoint.

After password deployment, Windows LAPS allows for manually triggering local admin password rotations accessible from the actions menu for the given endpoint. A confirmation message will appear stating that the old password will no longer be valid. A new password will be generated post-device reboot.

As a summary, Windows LAPS is a subject of continuous updates and improvements, majorly leaning towards native support for cloud scenarios such as Hybrid Azure AD Joined devices, Azure AD Joined devices, and even interoperability with the legacy LAPS solution. You can create and deploy Windows LAPS policies via Intune and employ Azure AD or Microsoft Intune portals to view local admin password for a specific device.

Microsoft also provides Graph API for performing related tasks. The Graph API, however, is an entirely different aspect of this process and would be a subject for another post.

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