SharePoint Premium Simplifies Document Translation
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Apr 2, 2024 5:04 AM

SharePoint Premium Simplifies Document Translation

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Unlock Seamless Multi-Language Support in SharePoint with AI-Powered Document Translation!

Key insights

  • Easy configuration of AI-based document translation in SharePoint Online using SharePoint Premium.
  • Ability to translate files while preserving the original format and structure, supporting various file types.
  • Automatic or manual translation for files, including video transcripts and closed captioning files, with support for all languages and dialects.
  • Limitations include a 40 MB file size cap, translation not supported for images within documents or password-protected files.
  • Future updates to include on-demand folder translation and a new feedback system replacing GitHub Issues.

Easier SharePoint Document Management Through Translation

SharePoint Premium, the revamped version of SharePoint Syntex and Microsoft Syntex, introduces an efficient and user-friendly way for businesses to handle document translations directly within the platform. This feature not only supports a wide range of file types but also automates the translation process, allowing for both individual file translations and bulk operations through rule creation. Critical for global teams, this capability ensures seamless communication and document management across different languages and dialects, fostering a more inclusive and collaborative work environment. With ongoing enhancements, including future support for on-demand folder translations, SharePoint Premium is poised to offer even more comprehensive translation solutions. However, it's important to note current limitations such as the inability to translate text within images and password-protected files, alongside a 40MB maximum file size for translations. As SharePoint evolves, these updates indicate a strong commitment to breaking down language barriers within digital workspaces.

Discover the simplicity of document translation in SharePoint Online with SharePoint Premium. This tool, previously known as SharePoint Syntex and Microsoft Syntex, empowers users to effortlessly configure AI-based translation for documents stored in a SharePoint document library. With the ability to maintain the original file's format and structure, SharePoint Premium supports a wide array of file types and languages, making it a versatile solution for organizations.

The translation feature is not only limited to text documents but also extends to video transcripts and closed captions, enhancing accessibility and comprehension for a diverse audience. However, users should note certain limitations, such as unsupported SharePoint site pages, a 40 MB size limit for documents, and the current inability to translate text within images or password-protected files. Additionally, the platform is evolving, with on-demand folder translation slated for future updates.

Supported file types include a broad range of document formats, ensuring that most organizational needs are met. Although legacy file types are converted to their modern equivalents during translation, this ensures a smoother integration and usage. As SharePoint Online continues to expand its translation capabilities, users are encouraged to provide feedback for future improvements, with a new feedback system launching in 2024 to replace GitHub Issues.

For users seeking to utilize SharePoint Online's document translation capabilities, the FAQ section provides valuable insights into common inquiries. As the platform progresses, anticipated updates promise to enhance functionality and user experience, solidifying SharePoint Premium's position as a key tool in global business communication and document management strategies.

Enhancing Global Communication with SharePoint Online Document Translation

In today's increasingly globalized business environment, the ability to seamlessly translate documents and multimedia files is more crucial than ever. SharePoint Online, through its SharePoint Premium service, is at the forefront of addressing this need by providing an AI-based document translation feature. This innovative tool not only supports a wide range of file types and languages but also ensures that the integrity and format of the original document are preserved during the translation process.

The inclusion of video transcript and closed caption translation capabilities further demonstrates SharePoint Online's commitment to accessibility and inclusivity. While there are certain limitations, such as the size restriction and unsupported file types, the ongoing development and planned future enhancements indicate a strong commitment to refining and expanding the service. As organizations increasingly operate on a global scale, the ability to effectively communicate across language barriers becomes essential, and solutions like SharePoint Online's document translation service play a pivotal role in facilitating this communication.

As we look forward to the new updates and improvements in SharePoint Online's translation features, it's clear that Microsoft is dedicated to enhancing the user experience and meeting the evolving needs of global businesses. With its intuitive interface and wide-ranging functionality, SharePoint Premium is set to become an indispensable tool for organizations seeking to navigate the complexities of international communication and collaboration.


People also ask

Can SharePoint translate documents?

Through Microsoft Syntex, users have the capability to produce a translated version of a document or multiple documents within a SharePoint document library, ensuring the format and structure remain intact. This feature is widely available for various supported languages and dialects.

How do I automatically translate a SharePoint site?

To enable automatic translation of a SharePoint site, one must navigate to the site, access Settings > Site information > View all site settings > Language settings. After enabling the feature to translate into multiple languages (with the option to disable it later if desired), you would then select the specific language to be updated and click Save.

How do I make my SharePoint site bilingual?

Activating the multilingual feature on SharePoint communication sites entails engaging the capability to support bilingual or multilingual content for users.

What is SharePoint machine translation service?

The Machine Translation Service in SharePoint represents a novel service application dedicated to rendering automatic machine translation for both files and sites, enhancing accessibility and understanding across different languages.


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