Explore Power Platform CLIx & Universal Search: Mike Factorial
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May 7, 2024 4:00 AM

Explore Power Platform CLIx & Universal Search: Mike Factorial

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Dive into Power Platform CLIx & Universal Search upgrades with Mike Factorial on XrmToolCast Ep112!

Key insights


  • Introduction of Power Platform CLIx: A new tool in the Power Platform environment, serving as a wrapper around the PAC CLI to simplify tasks.
  • Universal Search Updates: Enhanced to search entire Solution Zip files, including the ability to unzip Canvas Apps and decompile plugin libraries for comprehensive searches.
  • Development Motivation: Insight into what motivates developers to engage deeply with coding and start an ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) practice.
  • Episode Highlights: Early assignment for listeners, deep dive into coding motivations, and starting an ALM practice are discussed.
  • Listener Engagement: Encouragement for listeners to contact the hosts with questions, suggestions for future episodes, or just to share their own tools.


Exploring the Power Platform CLIx and Universal Search Tool

Revolutionizing Power Platform Development

The latest episode of the XrmToolCast introduces listeners to the innovative Power Platform CLIx tool and the updated Universal Search tool, both developed by Microsoft MVP Michael Ochs. The Power Platform CLIx serves as a significant advancement for developers working within the Power Platform, offering a more streamlined and efficient workflow by wrapping around the PAC CLI. This simplification allows for easier execution of commands and implementation of code, emphasizing the tool's role in enhancing developer productivity.

Introducing Power Platform CLIx and Universal Search

Ochs has created a new tool called Power Platform CLIx, acting as a wrapper for the PAC CLI, simplifying its use for developers. The conversation highlights how unit tests can aid developers in aligning their thought process during software development. The segment emphasizes the drive developers possess to immerse themselves in coding and the beginnings of an Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) Practice.

Meanwhile, the Universal Search tool has seen significant upgrades, including the ability to search through entire Solution Zip files and even unzip Canvas Apps. It now features the capability to decompile plugin libraries and search the decompiled code, enhancing the tool's utility for Power Platform developers.

Engaging the Developer Community

The episode takes an educational approach, recommending early episodes of XrmToolCast as homework for developers seeking to deepen their understanding of these tools. Mike Factorial, also known as Michael Ochs, shares insights into what motivates developers to dive into the intricacies of code, hinting at the passion and curiosity that fuels their endeavors.

The hosts also touch on the concept of starting an ALM Practice, suggesting it as a foundational step for developers working in the Power Platform ecosystem. This advice is positioned as a cornerstone for developers looking to streamline their projects and enhance collaboration within their teams.

Further Resources and Contact Information

For those interested in exploring these tools further, the episode provides links to Mike Factorial's blog where detailed articles on Power Automate and Power Apps can be found. The hosts encourage listeners to engage with the community by submitting questions, sharing their own tools, or suggesting topics for future episodes, underlining the collaborative nature of the Power Platform community.

The XrmToolCast reaches out to its audience, inviting them to subscribe to their YouTube channel for visual content and encourages feedback through reviews. The combination of expert insights, practical tips, and community engagement highlights the episode's value for Power Platform developers at any stage of their journey.



Power Platform - Explore Power Platform CLIx & Universal Search: Mike Factorial

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