Exploring Power Pages: Exclusive Insights with Ulrikke Akerbæk
Power Pages
Apr 7, 2024 8:36 PM

Exploring Power Pages: Exclusive Insights with Ulrikke Akerbæk

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Explore Power Pages insights with Ulrikke Akerbæk on XrmToolCast Ep. 110 - tips, tricks, and more!

Key insights


  • Power Pages is highlighted as the most pro-code aspect of the Microsoft Power Platform.
  • Ulrikke Akerbæk shares her learning journey with Power Pages, offering insights from her experiences.
  • A useful tip discussed is setting all privileges for a table in the classic security role editor.
  • The episode includes a mention of an interesting encounter at the Canadian Power Platform Summit.
  • Discussion on tools for development, such as managing CSS with SASS and using VS Code for the Web.

Exploring the Power of Power Pages

In Episode 110 of the XrmToolCast, hosts Daryl and Scott engage in a conversation with Ulrikke Akerbæk, a recognized BizApps MVP and Co-host of the Power Platform BOOST Podcast. This dialogue centered around Ulrikke’s experiences with Power Pages, providing insights into its functionalities and the learning curve associated with mastering this part of the platform. Their discussion also spotlighted an encounter with a listener at the Canadian Power Platform Summit, showcasing the community's engagement with Power Pages.

Ulrikke shared valuable tips for newcomers to Power Pages, emphasizing the importance of hands-on experience. One standout piece of advice from Daryl was about configuring table privileges using the classic security role editor, which can significantly impact project development and security management. The conversation also highlighted that Power Pages represents the more code-intensive aspect of the platform, designed for developers who prefer a pro-code approach.

Throughout the episode, the importance of using tools like Visual Studio Code for web development and managing CSS through SASS for Power Pages projects was discussed. They also deliberated on identifying oneself as a low-code or pro developer and touched upon the failures of Power Pages Co-pilot, showcasing real-world challenges and solutions. The dialogue wrapped up with mentions of the European Power Platform Conference, providing a glimpse into the broader Power Platform community.

For those interested in tapping into the wealth of knowledge shared by Ulrikke and the hosts, the episode directs listeners to resources and community events like the European Power Platform Conference. Removing the focus from Ulrikke’s contact information and external links, the conversation stands out as a comprehensive guide for both beginners and experienced developers looking to deepen their understanding of Power Pages. The episode successfully balances technical advice, learning experiences, and community engagement, making it a valuable resource for anyone interested in Power Pages and the broader Power Platform.

Delving Deeper into Power Pages

Power Pages, a crucial aspect of the Microsoft Power Platform, positions itself as an advanced tool that caters to developers aiming for more control over their projects. It bridges the gap between low-code solutions and the need for more complex, code-intensive functionalities. This dynamic solution provides an inclusive platform that empowers developers at every skill level, from those who are just starting to those deeply ingrained in code-intensive development environments.

As highlighted in the episode, learning Power Pages involves a blend of exploring its vast capabilities and learning through direct application. Its pro-code orientation does not sideline its low-code roots but rather extends the platform's versatility, enabling more profound customizations and functionality enhancements. The discussion with Ulrikke Akerbæk underscores the importance of community learning and engagement, reinforcing the idea that growing within the Power Pages ecosystem is a collective journey.



People also ask

What is power pages in power platform?

Power Pages by Microsoft represents a robust, low-code, SaaS platform engineered with a focus on security. It's designed for the development, hosting, and management of modern websites that are outward-facing and linked to business operations.

How do I add a logo to power pages?


How do you change the font on power pages?

In the Power Pages interface, navigate to the left sidebar and click on "Styling." Within this section, you will encounter a variety of themes. These themes allow for further personalization, including alterations to the website's font and color scheme. Power Pages incorporates basic fonts along with a selection of over 30 Google Fonts, offering a wide range of customization options.



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