Modern App Development Techniques with Sara Laqerquist
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Nov 9, 2023 12:00 PM

Modern App Development Techniques with Sara Laqerquist

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Explore app development with Microsoft MVP, Sara Laqerquist, as she discusses fluent controls and custom pages in modern applications.

A Comprehensive Insight Into Modern App Building

In the latest episode (105) of XrmToolCast, an engaging discussion takes place between Daryl, Scott, and their guest speaker, Sara Laqerquist, who is renowned as a fellow BizApps MVP. An in-depth dialog ensues about her intriguing journey and experiences in developing modern-day applications with the assistance of an essential tool known as the Creator Kit.

"The Creator Kit helps create Power Apps experiences on the web and mobile platforms with convenient components that are ubiquitous in modern software. The kit contains a component library, several commonly used Power Apps component framework controls, a set of templates, and other utilities that increase developer productivity.

All controls and components included in the kit use the Fluent UI framework to help you easily create consistent, beautiful, and effective user experiences for custom business applications."


  • Sara's inability to grow a mustache for ACDC.
  • Overcoming professional hurdles with the help of friends.
  • Jonas' ambiguous guidance to Sara.
  • The competition between Fluent 1 and Fluent 2 Modern Controls.
  • The struggle and resolution of issues with model-driven apps through custom pages.
  • The consideration of choosing custom pages over standard OOB features.
  • The inevitability of technique debt.
  • Daryl's funny habit of distributing tape dispensers.
  • Benedikt Bergmann's knack for solutions.


Throughout the episode, several highlights are drawn to attention. Sara amusingly notes her inability to grow a mustache in honor of ACDC, and how she, like many professionals, gets by in her field with a generous assist from her network of friends. Interestingly, Jonas, an associate of Sara, initially guided her on a professional course, only to tell her later not to follow it.

A major point of contention arises on the topic of the competition between Fluent 2 Modern Controls and the preceding Fluent 1 controls. Along the same line, Sara shares her experiences of dealing with the frustration that comes with managing model-driven applications and finding solutions through custom pages.

Sara and her team discuss the challenging decision of when to choose custom pages over out-of-the-box functionalities. Furthermore, they resonate on the notion that every tech-related decision made results in technical debt. In a lighter vein, Daryl is portrayed humorously as someone who generously hands out tape dispensers to everyone. Lastly, the ability of Benedikt Bergmann is praised- he always manages to devise innovative solutions.

The Creator Kit, a significant productivity tool for developers, is designed to enable the creation of Power Apps experiences both on the web and mobile platforms. The beneficial accessory is widely recognized for its handy components that are consistent with many present-day software. The kit is comprehensively furnished with a component library, familiarly employed Power Apps component framework controls, several templates, and additional features.

Every single control and component encapsulated within the kit makes prudent use of the Fluent UI framework, as it aids you in effortlessly creating consistent, aesthetic, and effective user experiences for custom business applications. The remarkable ability of the framework is part of this modern approach to develop applications.


The Significance of The Creator Kit

The Creator Kit is an essential asset to developers for engineering Power Apps experiences for cross-platform use. The outcomes are aesthetically pleasing, consistently functioning, and effective user interfaces for custom business applications, all achieved with fluent design principles and modern design controls at their core.

Building Modern Apps

As a beginner, it would be pragmatic to start with the pluralsight course on 'Power Apps: Building Data-driven Business Applications' which focuses on not just rudimentary, but also advanced aspects of Power Apps. Subsequently, Udemy's 'Power Apps: Build Apps without Coding' course can be pursued. It would further provide an extensive understanding of crafting visually appealing user experiences for custom business applications.

These courses discuss the use of Fluent UI frameworks, a significant component of the Creator Kit. The aforementioned video, discussed Jonas guiding Sara about the judicious usage of the Fluent 2 Modern Controls over the Fluent 1 controls, a vital aspect in the domain of mobile and web application development.

Frustrations and challenges are an inevitable part of the learning curve. This video underscored the same, citing Sara's frustration with model-driven apps. The video provides insights into treading over these hurdles by resorting to custom pages whenever necessary. All this knowledge is steeped in real-world experiences, making it even more valuable for learners.

Remember, knowledge comes at a price. However, there's nothing in the programming arena called as surplus knowledge. Benedikt Bergmann will always find a way through, thus, overcoming one's resistance to learning could pave the way for limitless growth. As Daryl rightly conferred everyone with tape dispensers, implying that one shouldn't hesitate in fixing things up in their technical journey.

Last but not least, every step you take might add to your technique debt, as per the revelations in the video. However, don't let this deter you. Keep updating your skills, enhancing your expertise with the Fluent UI toolset, and aiding your journey of being a successful designer of apps for web and mobile platforms.

Remember, learning is a never-ending journey and the roadmap provided in the video intensifies your growth in building modern apps with the Creator Kit in the context of Power Apps.


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