Understanding Dual-Write in Dynamics 365: A Comprehensive Guide
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Sep 28, 2023 2:09 PM

Understanding Dual-Write in Dynamics 365: A Comprehensive Guide

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Master the dual-write integration for Dynamics 365 with our comprehensive guide, tailored for Microsoft experts seeking functional & technical insights.

Learn about Dynamics 365 - Demystifying dual-write

Microsoft's Dynamics 365, a suite of enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management applications, has a feature called dual-write which has been gaining attention and use in various projects recently. The term dual-write mainly refers to an out-of-the-box infrastructure from Microsoft for setting up integration between Dynamics 365 applications. This blog post serves to provide an in-depth understanding of dual-write from a technical, functional, and learning perspective.

Dual-write was introduced to reduce the complexity of the integration process, make system synchronization easier, and promote better communication among system components. Let's dive deep into this feature and understand it from different perspectives.

First, let's take a look at dual-write from a technical perspective. It functions as a bridge between F&O and Dataverseand and the Dynamics 365 CE apps. This feature syncs data between these two systems, facilitating seamless data transfer. Dual-write became generally available in May 2019 and since then, it's been supporting several Dynamics 365 apps such as Sales, Customer Service, Marketing, Field Service, and Project Operations.

Through dual-write, the model-driven Power Apps with Dynamics 365 as the backend can continuously synchronize data with different Dynamics 365 applications. Moreover, the Dual-write configuration is a collective effort between F&O and Dataverse, requiring both perspectives to be leveraged.

Next, we see dual-write from a functional perspective. Not only does the dual-write feature cater to technical needs, but it also serves distinctive business requirements. Several pre-built (out-of-the-box) integration templates make it easier for businesses to adapt to different scenario needs.

The unified interface of dual-write allows exploration of both Dataverse side and F&O side's capabilities. This implies that major functionalities such as parameters, processing options, and run-time behaviors can be easily managed through a single interface, simplifying business process management and integration.

Further, learning more about dual-write is essential to fully understand its capabilities. This blog post highly recommends taking assistance from Microsoft’s Learn platform. There are numerous resources available such as 'What’s new or changed in dual-write', 'Power Platform Integration', 'Guidance for dual-write setup', and 'System requirements and prerequisites'. It also includes several step-by-step instructions on enabling dual-write, understanding table map ALM, customization guidance, dual-write FAQs, and many more to enhance your knowledge with this feature.

Moreover, for direct feedback and learning along with other peers, one can join the Insider Program and Dual-write yammer group. Dual-write is a combination of expertise across F&O and Dataverse. Thus, to make the most out of dual-write, it's important to combine the powers of F&O and Dataverse, making your operations stronger.

This blog post serves as an introduction and guide on exploring more about Dual-write. There's plenty more to start exploring and learn, and several resources are mentioned at the end of this blog post to assist you further.

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