Optimizing Row Management in Model-Driven Power Apps Grid
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Sep 30, 2023 7:45 AM

Optimizing Row Management in Model-Driven Power Apps Grid

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Explore the possibilities of implementing a subgrid for model-driven apps to allow users to alter the sort order using drag & drop with this Microsoft expert gu

In the field of customized business applications, Microsoft Power Apps plays a crucial role, one feature that has proven to be a game-changer is the 'Model-Driven' Grid. The ability to drag and drop rows directly in this grid has significantly simplified the app creation process.

This streamlined process allows users to customize their applications without needing extensive knowledge of programming. Altering the arrangement of columns in the grid allows users to prioritize data as per their need and business relevance.

The drag and drop feature of this Model-Driven Grid in Power Apps not only enhances user-friendly interactions but also paves the way for efficient app development. Check out here for more details.

Understanding more about Microsoft Power Apps Drag and Drop Feature

The Microsoft platform makes interacting with data sets easier through these advanced features. The 'Model-Driven' grid, which allows for a seamless drag and drop capability, can adapt to a variety of business needs. This provides users with a striking balance of operational ease and customization potential.

This feature allows the user to rearrange the data as per their requirement, granting them total control over information organization. Making the user-interface interaction much more comfortable, it furthers the process of app customization, helping users get more from their business applications.

Remember, Microsoft’s platforms are all about adapting to your unique business requirements. This feature justifies this claim by enabling users to align the tools with their needs and goal.

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Power Apps - Optimizing Row Management in Model-Driven Power Apps Grid

Learn about Drag and Drop Rows in Power Apps (Model-Driven) Grid

As a Microsoft premium application edition, Power Apps is increasingly finding its place in developing custom applications, thanks to its harnessing of model-driven app development. This blog post delves into a specific exploratory feature in Power Apps, enabling drag and drop of rows in a grid.

Crucial Requirement and the Challenge

Most often, there are instances when each row in a model-driven app's subgrid should have its unique sort order position. It gets trickier when a user should be able to manipulate the rows' positions through drag and drop. This post outlines a feasible solution to this challenge, albeit with an unsupported part that might hinder its production usage.

Applying Power Apps Grid

Instead of developing a Power Platform training session dataset PCF, the author suggests using the Power Apps Grid (never exceeding the three recommended mentions). This grid allows for easy implementation and added calculations. The author outlines how to set up an agenda, with each subject having a Basic and an Extended session maneuverable to the day's end.

Grid Customization

For the perfect customization, the post provides insightful steps guiding developers in manipulating form grids. The steps range from defining a customizer control to render the "SortOrder" cells, mimicking drag&drop action inside the customizer control to utilizing form scripting for in-between rows change and refreshing of the grid.

Implementing the Power Apps Control Framework

In implementing the Power Apps Control Framework (PCF), the blog provides a comprehensive link to the author's GitHub repository. The PCF implementation focuses on the XML manifest, the 'init' method of 'index.ts,' and the 'DraggableCell' component.

The Grid Customizer Impact

While making drag and drop of rows possible, the grid customizer inadvertently affects some standard features. Changes include lost sorting or column-filter functions, altered optionset colors, and missing navigation-links for the lookup. The grid's main functionality stays intact, but a developer has to cater to missing cell features manually.

Improvement Potential: Illusion of Dragging Rows

To enhance the drag and drop feature, the blog suggests creating an illusion of the whole rows dragging. This concept involves using an HTML DataTransfer.setDragImage.


We hope to see drag and drop be part of the supported features in Power Apps Grid customizer control in the future. At the moment, because of its unsupported nature, grid customizer results in lost standard functionalities. Alternatively, cell-renderer use would leave the standard features intact. Now the question is, would you tread the small-solution way or prefer a dataset PCF?

    The posts cover:
  • The management of grid rows
  • Customizing grid cells
  • The best practices in utilizing Power Apps
  • Implementing unsupported features of Power Apps

Power Apps remains a potent tool in modernizing processes and implementing business dynamics. However, as demonstrated by this post, users only need to be aware of the limitations to enjoy the benefits of the platform.

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