Don’t trust the Microsoft 365 admin center product information
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Jul 10, 2023 5:46 AM

Don’t trust the Microsoft 365 admin center product information

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Power Apps licensing options under the "purchase services" section have shown outdated information for many years. Why aren't these MS portals kept up to date?

Despite living in an age of online commerce and digital subscription services, the Microsoft 365 admin center's online store does not contain accurate product information. This assumption is incorrect, particularly concerning the "purchase services" tab. The detailed information shown to potential customers looking to buy Power Apps licenses from this portal has been invalid for nearly four years. Despite attempting to contact Microsoft about this issue through various channels, such as MS partner forums dedicated to licensing information, Microsoft MVP program-related forums, and directly reaching out to the Power Apps product team, no success has been achieved.

  • The Microsoft 365 admin center provides inaccurate product information.
  • The "purchase services" tab contains invalid data for Power Apps licenses.
  • This discrepancy has been ongoing for approximately four years.
  • All communication attempts made towards addressing this problem have not been fruitful.

Detailed Overview of The Problem with Microsoft 365 Admin Center Product Information

The Microsoft 365 admin center offers inaccurate product descriptions, notably for the Power Apps licenses, which has misled potential customers for nearly four years. Despite various attempts to reach out to Microsoft, such as through the Microsoft MVP program and MS partner forums, there has been no rectification in the provided information. This lack of action raises concerns about the reliability of product descriptions provided by large corporations' online storefronts, and especially Microsoft's, causing potential trust issues among customers.

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The Microsoft 365 admin center’s online store, particularly its Power Apps licenses section, has been showcasing incorrect information for approximately four years, despite numerous attempts to rectify it. The inaccuracies include a lack of updated product descriptions, names, icons, and feature comparisons.

Furthermore, the products are often difficult to locate due to faulty categorizations. The writer argues that these issues, which largely stem from a lack of coordination within the company, not only compromise customer trust but also contribute to a lack of transparency. The writer suggests that these problems are part of a larger pattern of outdated or incorrect information about Microsoft's products that persists in the face of rapid changes to names, icons, and licensing models.

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