Latest 3 Revolutionary Updates on ChatGPT You Must Know
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Nov 9, 2023 7:00 PM

Latest 3 Revolutionary Updates on ChatGPT You Must Know

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Explore the 3 game-changing updates to ChatGPT: Voice Chat function, Custom Instructions, and Dall-E 3 integration.

Join Andy Park as he discusses groundbreaking updates to ChatGPT in his latest YouTube video. ChatGPT has been equipped with an innovative "chat with voice" feature allowing users for hands-free interactions. This is excellent for multitasking purposes.

In this video, we explore three recently introduced features of ChatGPT that are

1. The "chat with voice" function allows hands-free communication with ChatGPT,
perfect for multitasking.
2. Custom Instructions save time by applying preset responses to future chats,
providing context-specific, tailored information without repetitive input.
3. Lastly, Dall-E 3 integration within ChatGPT enables the creation of images
from text prompts. This video emphasizes how these updates can significantly
improve productivity and engagement with AI, especially for tasks like
note-taking and staying informed on AI advancements.
  • 00:00 - Start
  • 00:19 - Chat with Voice
  • 02:30 - Custom Instructions
  • 05:41 - Text to Image - Dall E 3
  • 07:20 - Wrap Up


Furthermore, with Custom Instructions, ChatGPT now saves time by storing preset responses to use in future conversations, ensuring replies are tailored and relevant without additional effort. Lastly, the integration of Dall-E 3 within ChatGPT provides the stunning capability to generate images directly from text prompts.



Highlighting the impact of these changes, the video showcases how these enhancements can greatly boost productivity and our engagement with AI and Machine Learning. This is particularly beneficial for activities such as note-taking and keeping up with new technological strides. For more details about AI and Machine Learning innovations, visit this link.

With these exciting updates covered, Andy then navigates through the segments of the video, starting at the introduction, moving through each feature, and concluding with a wrap-up.

OpenAI has revolutionized the way we interact with conversational AI models by launching a platform for creating custom ChatGPT variations. Designed to be user-friendly, this platform requires no coding knowledge and is available exclusively to ChatGPT Plus members.

These personalized AI bots will soon be accessible in the GPT Store. Although specific details are yet to be shared, OpenAI aims to reward creators based on user engagement with their bespoke GPTs. Limited initially to OpenAI's paid subscribers and enterprise clients, these custom bots promise enhanced, specialized experiences for users.

During the inaugural DevDay conference in San Francisco, OpenAI also revealed their plans for a more potent and cost-effective GPT-4, as well as reduced pricing for developers incorporating their models into apps. Importantly, they announced that ChatGPT's user base has reached an incredible 100 million weekly users.

  • OpenAI stressed the desire from users to customize their AI chatbot experiences, leading to the implementation of Custom Instructions.
  • These bots are designed to streamline and automate personal preferences in communication, making user interaction with ChatGPT remarkably smoother.
  • Named GPTs are able to assist with a wide range of tasks, exemplified by a Creative Writing Coach and an Event Navigator bot created for DevDay.

OpenAI has structured its builder interface to direct human-AI interactions, optimizing both helpfulness and efficiency. With capabilities like web browsing, DALL-E, and software code interpretation combined with the potential to integrate with external services, OpenAI’s technology offers significant versatility.

The competition in AI-driven conversational platforms is heating up, with OpenAI poised to take on rivals in the industry. Emphasizing utility over character mimicry sets OpenAI apart, though the potential for creating human-like GPTs remains open.

While user privacy is respected with creators unable to view individual conversations, OpenAI's commitment to monitoring for inappropriate usage ensures a safe environment. Despite current limitations to paid users, upcoming commercial opportunities and authentication protocols will further refine the experience.

Ultimately, through custom GPTs and its ongoing developments, OpenAI is steadfastly advancing towards the quest for an AI superintelligence. Securing paid subscriptions not only extends functionality to eager users but also promises to drive OpenAI's rapidly expanding financial growth.


About AI and Machine Learning Developments

AI and Machine Learning continue to evolve, with platforms like ChatGPT making significant strides. These technologies are transforming diverse fields, from healthcare to finance, through improved decision-making and automation. Innovations such as voice interaction, preset instructions, and image creation from text exemplify this progress. Studies also suggest these advancements increase work efficiency, foster more personalized user experiences, and may eventually lead to smarter and more self-sufficient AI systems. As we advance, ethical considerations and responsible development become critical discussions, ensuring AI benefits all sectors of society.


Learn about Don't miss out on these 3 revolutionary ChatGPT updates!

In this informative YouTube video, a detailed introduction to three significant updates of ChatGPT is provided. While focusing on user-centric solutions, the recent developments encourage hands-free interfacing with AI, creating a well-rounded automation experience. This exploration of advanced technology can amplify our understanding of AI advancements and how they can enhance overall productivity.

Key updates include 'Chat with Voice', aiding multitasking without physical interaction, 'Custom Instructions' to create pre-set automated responses enabling tailored solutions without constant input, and the incorporation of 'Dall-E 3' to develop images from textual prompts. The textual prompts begin the video and provide an overview containing various timestamps for different sections.

OpenAI is leading the AI landscape with the democratization of tech. It has permitted users to create their custom version of ChatGPT, a tech marvel with multifaceted use-cases. This advancement has garnered significant attention in the tech industry, with ever-growing discussions and detailed articles by astute industry observers like Alex Heath, a well-established name in the tech world.

Chronicling AI's progress, OpenAI's introduction of ChatGPT has paved the way for AI that performs tasks with ease. The recent declaration about the custom versions of ChatGPT opened doors for tailor-made AI experiences, reducing the necessity for coding knowledge. In the forthcoming timeframe, these AI-based entities named GPTs will be accessible through the GPT store. However, specifics regarding the store's functioning remain under wraps.

The popularity of ChatGPT can be gauged by its staggering 100 million weekly users. The demand for customization possibilities led to the introduction of GPTs, which are now doing all the work for users. A fascinating aspect is energy and time conservation, as AI takes over manual tasks like copying specific requests into ChatGPT.

OpenAI unveiled an AI bot platform where a custom GPT or "Creative Writing Coach" corrected an uploaded PDF writing sample. During the review, I observed the seamless creation of another GPT that aided in navigating the DevDay event. This AI adopt auto-naming, profile image creation using DALL-E, and PDF attachment digestion with the event schedule to accurately deliver answers.

OpenAI's interface lets users shape how GPT interacts with people before it is published. For example, during my demo, the DevDay Event Navigator agent was instructed to be concise, helpful, and circumvent scheduling conflicts. Starter prompts were auto-generated to kickstart the conversation.

The launch of custom GPTs sets OpenAI on a competitive path with AI bot platforms like Character.AI and Meta. Despite the competition, OpenAI is staking its platform's position as being more application-oriented than others, focusing less on bots that mimic human behavior. Though the creation of human-like personas is not off the table.

In terms of privacy, the contents of the chat between the GPT and the users will not be accessible by the creators. Their access to user chats is expected to be limited, with OpenAI actively monitoring to block inappropriate use. OpenAI considers its GPT platform a step towards its primary goal of creating an AI superintelligence, also known as AGI. Only available to paid subscribers, it is ramping up the company's revenue at exponential rates.


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