Enhance Collaboration: Teams Discovery Feed & Viva CoPilot
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Dec 18, 2023 9:30 AM

Enhance Collaboration: Teams Discovery Feed & Viva CoPilot

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Explore Teams Discovery Feed & AI-Powered Viva Engage Posts for Engaging Conversations!

Key insights

  • 00:00 🚀 The 365 Message Center Show is retiring Delve by December 16, 2024. Delve will be replaced by profile cards and boards will not have a direct replacement.
  • 06:01 🤖 Microsoft Teams is introducing Co-Pilot in Viva Engage to help users draft engaging posts and messages. It requires a premium Viva license and will be available in preview starting mid-January 2023.
  • 16:08 🖥️ Microsoft Stream is adding a "View and Edit Mode" toggle for videos, allowing users to choose whether they want to view or edit the content.
  • 19:05 📰 Microsoft Teams is introducing a personalized Discover Feed in channels, curating relevant posts that users may have missed. Users can provide feedback on the content. However, it may not show all posts in channels, so users should still keep an eye on other feeds for comprehensive updates.
  • 25:52 📢 A new discovery feed is coming to Teams, but its effectiveness in showing relevant content is yet to be determined.
  • 26:32 🚀 The new Teams and Channels creation interface will have a combined plus button at the top to simplify and promote channel creation.
  • 30:46 📅 The rollout for the simplified team and channel creation feature in Teams is scheduled for January 2024.
  • 31:29 🎥 New multimedia experiences for video and images are planned for 2024 in Viva Engage, replacing the earlier concept of "stories."
  • 37:11 📅 The rollout for the multimedia post features in Viva Engage is set to begin in mid-January 2024 and be completed by early March 2024.



The Evolution of Microsoft Teams and Viva Engage

Microsoft Teams and Viva Engage are making significant strides in enhancing collaboration and productivity within organizations. The introduction of the Discovery Feed in Teams represents a significant leap in how users manage and interact with their messages and conversations. Instead of juggling multiple channels, the Discovery Feed aggregates content to better align with user interests and priorities, potentially saving valuable time.

Moreover, the integration of AI through Copilot in Viva Engage signals Microsoft's commitment to supporting authentic and efficient user communication. With AI assistance, crafting posts that resonate with audiences will become more accessible, potentially driving up engagement.

As new features like the Stream mode toggle come into play, video collaboration becomes sleeker, enabling seamless transitions between viewing and editing, minimizing disruption to the creative flow. The focus on easier team and channel creation points to a broader strategy of simplifying the user experience, making Viva Engage’s ecosystem more inviting and less daunting to navigate.

In addition to these practical updates, Microsoft's vision extends to enhancing multimedia content handling in Viva Engage. With new experiences for video and images set to arrive, users can look forward to an enriched sharing and engagement ecosystem that supports diverse content types.

Finally, the departure of Delve Web paves the way for these Viva Engage updates to take center stage in facilitating knowledge discovery within organizations. All these developments point to a future where Microsoft's tools continue to evolve to meet the ever-changing demands of the modern workplace, emphasizing efficiency, engagement, and ease of use.



Understanding Viva Engage and Its Impact on Collaboration

Viva Engage is designed to offer an immersive collaborative experience within the Microsoft 365 ecosystem. Its integration of AI through Copilot caters to enhanced content creation and encourages user interaction. With the retirement of Delve Web on the horizon, Viva Engage is set to become a central hub for knowledge discovery and team collaboration.

The new Discover Feed in Teams and the updates coming to Microsoft Stream are examples of Microsoft's focus on efficiency and engagement in the workplace. The efforts to streamline the creation of teams and channels directly contribute to a more adaptable and user-centric platform. As Viva Engage evolves, it promises to bring forward richer media experiences, adding depth and value to how users share and connect over content.


Discussing Enhancements in Viva Engage

Microsoft's focus on integrating advanced AI tools, as well as optimizing team and content creation processes in Viva Engage, exemplifies their drive to refine collaboration and productivity in the digital workspace. The upcoming enhancements, particularly AI-driven text assistance and richer multimedia interactions, signal Microsoft's intent to stay at the forefront of workplace technology, adapting to user needs for efficiency, and ease of use. As the platform evolves, it aims to transform enterprise social networking, empowering users to connect and create in more dynamic and meaningful ways.



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